How to Style Flowers When You Don’t Have a Vase

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What happens when you don’t have a vase?

Flowers are always an element I include when I’m entertaining guests, so often my vases are already fully stocked and displayed throughout my home for guests to enjoy. What happens when you have already used your vases and a guest surprises you with a beautiful bouquet of flowers?

Start by looking around your kitchen surface areas and search for an easy to grab item that can also hold water. Here are 13 vase substitutions to consider, when you can’t find a vase:

  1. Tea Pitcher
  2. Teapot
  3. Glass Bottle
  4. Mason Jar (also known as Canning Jars)
  5. Empty Vegetable Can
  6. Coffee Can
  7. Ice Bucket
  8. Galvanized Tin Bucket
  9. Pumpkins
  10. Large/Tall Water Glass
  11. Oversized Coffee Mug
  12. Utensil Canister
  13. Pencil or pen holder (solid of course)

The Hostess: Short on Time?

If you’re the hostess who has just received a gorgeous bundle of flowers, but you are short on time, don’t feel pressured to create a floral arrangement on the spot. You have two options, one, graciously accept the flowers and ask a guest to help you arrange the flowers and place the them in a area you designate. Option two, quickly grab a vase, and place the flowers in the water until you have time to properly trim the leaves and stems.

Tip: The dining room table is typically a location to avoid because you have already set the table. Look for an area such as a entryway table or coffee table in the living room. Find areas where guests will gather after dinner and can enjoy the beautiful flowers.

The Guest: How to Pick out Flowers at the Grocery Store

My favorite gift to receive as a hostess is fresh flowers. Flowers can bring a little bit more joy and life to any occasion. As the guest, skip the pre-made bouquets of flowers at the grocery store and save a few dollars by selecting two to three individual bundles of flowers, and one package of filler leaves such as a Italian ruscus bundle, lemon leaf branches, or eucalyptus. Take the flowers home and repackage them in tissue paper or brown paper bag and add a simple ribbon and a card. This is a simple, but thoughtful hostess gift and it will look like you just left the flower market.

Tip: Farmer’s Markets are a great place to find locally sourced flowers that are often already bundled and ready to take with you to your party, just add a card!

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