How to Create the Perfect Springtime Tablescape Design for Easter or Mother’s Day

Celebrate Spring with a beautiful tablescape filled with organic textures that bring Mother Nature indoors. In this article, learn how to select the perfect table linens and decorative details that will bring your tablescape design to life using my “Organic vs. Geometric” layering method.

Selecting your linens can be exciting when you mix and match Springtime patterns together, but is there a general rule or guidelines to follow when making this decision? I use the rule of layering an organic pattern with a geometric pattern. In this Springtime design I started with a hydrangea floral print tablecloth and added my first geometric layer, a light blue and white gingham placemat. I carried this layering method of organic vs. geometric patterns throughout the entire tablescape design.

How to Continue the Layers

Use texture, such as a rattan placemat, to elevate your design and bring in another organic element to layer on top of the geometric gingham placemat. A solid color dinner plate will add a natural break between the layers and serve as a “reset button” to start the layering technique over again. Pictured above you will visually see how I incorporated these design guidelines into my Spring Tablescape.

It’s all in the Details!

Finish the layering method by adding in a touch of organic details to the tablescape, such as a floral arrangement. A picnic basket is the perfect visual representation of Springtime and also adds additional texture to the table. Recreate this floral arrangement by using three different sizes of mason jars to gently set inside the basket. Next arrange your favorite florals into a delightful centerpiece that your guests will love!

Linen napkins shaped like bunny ears are another detailed surprise for your guests. Simply roll a colorful linen napkin and bring together the ends to form the classic Easter bunny ears and face. Tie a beautiful ribbon or twine around the napkin to hold the shape in place.

Fresh fruit such as lemons or citrus make excellent tabletop decor pieces. Vegetables such as carrots, cabbage or artichokes are also a great way to bring in organic elements and Mother Nature into your design.

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