Money Saving Packing Tips

The cost of moving can add up quickly.  When I sat down to put pen to paper and created a budget for moving, packing supplies ranked up there as a huge expense.  So I decided to look at ways to pack smart, help the environment and save a few dollars.

So where do you even start?  Overwhelmed by my full closets and the thought of having to wrap every little decor item by hand I knew the first thing I needed to do was get organized.  Before packing all of my possessions into dozens of little boxes, I needed to determine what I was actually going to take with me and I did this in three easy steps.  I put together three moving boxes and labeled them:

  1. Giveaway
  2. Donate
  3. Sell

Although moving can be a pain in the you know what, it is also a great time to reconsider some really really bad purchases along the way.  By creating these three boxes to have on hand during the packing process, it gave me a place to throw items that I wanted to give away to friends, donate to a local nonprofit and sell online for a little extra cash to add to the moving budget.


Moving on a budget can be a challenge, but one of the big items I immediately took off the list was moving boxes.  This one was hard for me, I’ve always bought new boxes from moving companies and later recycled them, but that can add up quickly.  For this move I sent out a plea to all of my Facebook friends and was pleasantly surprised that they too were on the move and were happy to share left over boxes.  Within a few hours I was set to pack my entire apartment.  If you want to forgo the social media route you can always visit local retailers such as Tractor Supply, Starbucks, Ulta (these were a few suggestions I received from friends) for empty boxes.

Ok serious voice here… buy high quality tape.  Don’t cheap out on this item because after the one thousandth time the tape splits in half or gets tangled on the tape gun you could reach a breaking point.  Save your stress for another time, and buy good tape.


Most people who know me, know that I love organizing things and creating new organization systems… you know, completely normal type behavior.  So naturally I created a label packing system.  I purchased colored paper, just sticking with your primary colors.  Each color represents a room in my new house… so yellow = kitchen, green = living room, red = master bedroom…. you get the point.

On the colored paper I printed (you can also hand write with a sharpie) the room that the box needs to go to and taped it to the side of the box.  Quick tip:  It’s important that the label goes on the side of the box because once the boxes are stacked it will be hard for the movers to know what boxes they are picking up.

The highlight of my last move was when the moving company complemented me on my box organization.  Life made. I know everyone doesn’t get as excited as I do about moving, but I can tell you two things… 1.  it doesn’t have to break the bank and 2. it doesn’t have to be stressful.

Here is a complete list of supplies to make your moving headache free:

  1. Moving Boxes – ask a friend, ask a neighbor, ask a retailer – save your money and and the planet.
  2. Packing Tape
  3. Tape Gun
  4. Wrapping Paper – I bought this at U-haul – I priced checked other retailers and U-haul just has the best paper.
  5.  Black Sharpies
  6.  Colored Paper 



Rock Your Work Life… TA-DA

Last week I started the new blog series, Rock Your Work Life.  Don’t worry, if you missed it, click here for the FREE download and blog post, Rock Your Work Life in 4 Easy Steps. The Rock Your Work Life download outlines your daily to-do’s in 4 easy steps:

  1. Get it Done!… Write down you’re top 4 must-get-it-done priorities
  2. Daily Affirmation … this is where you say something nice about yourself
  3. My Weekly Goal … this is your inner rock star speaking
  4. Bright Ideas… when those little ideas actually turn into BIG ideas, you should totally right that down

This week, I’m focusing on your WINS!  That’s right, what have you done that deserves a pat on the back, a confetti parade, a pop-the-champagne kind of win.  What can you write down that makes you want to say TA-DA!!!

Copy of Instagram Post – Untitled Design (1)

Getting through the work week is tough, so let’s write down your victories for the week on your TA-DA List!  Friday’s are the best time to reflect as you are winding down your week and prepare to take a much needed break.  If you’ve been using the Daily To-Do download, that I shared with you last week, then this exercise will be super simple to complete.

Ok, so how do you create a TA-DA List?  The first step is to simply pick your top 4 wins for the week. (P.S. it’s ok to have one win, don’t feel like you have to stretch to find all 4).  Second step, think about who has helped you out this week.  Did you collaborate with someone on a project or did a friend or colleague really help you out when you were in a bind?  Think about one person (or more) who you can write a handwritten gratitude letter to, telling him or her what a rockstar they are for helping you out.  If you need help with a few prompts check out my Gratitude Challenge blog post to help you get your thoughts going.

After you have written down your big wins and shown a little gratitude to your friends and colleagues let’s look forward.  The third step is setting your intentions and goals for the next week.  What’s the one thing you want to accomplish over anything else?  And finally, the fourth step, what are your next steps on your bright ideas?  If you have a good idea, what are the steps it will take to make it a reality?

The TA-DA List is a great tool to stay positive, recap your week and to move your big ideas forward.  And guess what… I’ve made it easy with another FREE download Rock Your Work Life- TA-DA List.

Rock Your Work Life - TA-DA List

xx Jennifer

Rock Your Work Life

Is it me, or can your to-do list start to control and ruin your entire day??  Sometimes after I write down everything I need to accomplish in one day I get so overwhelmed that it becomes paralyzing, really making it difficult to think clearly and achieve my goals for the week.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a true believer in the brain dump… where you just take 5 to 10 minutes and write down as many things that you have to do just to get them out of your head.  I like to do that and then I take a bright pink highlighter and pick 4.  That’s right, I said 4.  And here’s why…

There are a lot of tips out there on how to organize your to-do list to maximize every single minute in your day.  But I am a true believer of picking your top 4 things … your I have to get this done today or I’m fired things.  Ok maybe that’s a little dramatic, but you get the point, they need to be your top 4 priorities.  I don’t mean things like, “oh I need to email Paul back” or “I need to call Sarah for a coffee date.” (And just to be clear I don’t know a Paul and I don’t owe him an email either).  Your top 4 priorities are the things that will move-you-forward.

“If you were able to believe in Santa for 8 years, you can believe in yourself for 5 minutes.”  Well fire up the t-shirt press y’all!  That has got to be the funniest quote I’ve ever read and also the truest thing all in one hilarious Santa package.  I have to be honest here, I can truly be my own worst critic when it comes to being kind to myself.  As much as I think daily goals are important I am an even bigger supporter of a daily affirmation.  Believe in yourself for 5 minutes and write down something kind about yourself.
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One of my favorite things about yoga is at the beginning of each class the instructor asks you to set your intentions for the class… translation – what is your goal, what do you want to accomplish?  I think this can easily be carried over as a weekly part of your to-do list.  What is the one thing if you finished by Friday that would make you feel like a rock star?

BIG ideas… I swear I have them every 5 minutes, but this is not saying much from the girl who can’t find her car keys… that are already in her hand (y’all don’t judge, you know that happened to you last week, haha).  Ok but seriously you need a place to write those million dollar ideas down.  Well spoiler alert I’ve got you work babes… Here’s what I created for you… for FREE…


Remember this is about YOU.  This is about what you want to accomplish this week, it’s about achieving your goals, finding a landing spot for your big ideas… and for the best reason I can think of… it’s about being kind to yourself along the way.

I’ve made it so easy you’ll want to pinch yourself… download this template and keep it on your desk!

Rock Your Work Life outlines your daily to-do’s in 4 easy steps:

  1. Get it Done!… Write down you’re top 4 must-get-it-done priorities
  2. Daily Affirmation … this is where you say something nice about yourself
  3. My Weekly Goal … this is your inner rock star speaking
  4. Bright Ideas… when those little ideas actually turn into BIG ideas, you should totally right that down

And here it is y’all just waiting for you… click on the link to make your work life a whole lot easier!  Rock Your Work Life – Daily To-Do List Download

xx Jennifer