Top 6 Ice Cream Stops in Bryan-College Station

What better way to celebrate National Ice Cream month than to recap my top picks for America’s favorite summer treat.  The Brazos Valley isn’t short on a supply of sweet treats that help cool off even the hottest days of summer.  As you plan your summer vacations or need a quick sugar fix try out some of my favorite local Ice Cream spots in the Brazos Valley.  Next week I’ll share a few more Ice Cream spots that you don’t want to miss around the state and beyond the boarders of Texas!

1.  Blue Bell Ice Cream is a Texas staple and should be on everyone’s “must do” list while traveling through the state.  If you can’t stop by the Brenham factory for a tour, you can find this delicious treat at most grocers and in Downtown Bryan a the local Must Be Heaven Sandwich Shoppe.  Stepping back in time, treat the family to a hand dipped cone of Blue Bell Ice Cream and take a stroll down the historic sidewalks of Downtown Bryan.

Photo Credit:  Must Be Heaven Sandwich Shoppe in Brenham, Texas                               

2.  Farmhouse Creamery  opened their doors to the Bryan-College Station community in 2016, bringing to south College Station a true taste delicious premium ice cream.  They offer 28 flavors of ice cream, including sugar free and gluten free options, the creamery brings a unique spin to ice cream right here in the Brazos Valley.

Photo Credit:  Farmhouse Creamery Premium Ice Cream

3.  “Maybe a Cupcake will help?” – Jeff Martin, Founder of Smallcakes Cupcakes and Creamery, created this decadent treat that is just irresistible to any sweets lover.  A brand new location has opened in Bryan-College Station and it’s definitely a sugar shock in the making, you don’t want to miss out!

Photo Credit:  Smallcakes Cupcakes and Creamery

4.  Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen – Gelato 

Ok this isn’t really Ice Cream… but this rich and creamy Italian favorite seriously had to be on this list.  Made in house, you don’t want to skip dessert when dining at Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen. (Psst order the Trio 8, you will thank me later.)

Photo Credit:  Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen                                                                                               

5.  Frios Gourmet Pops

A cousin of our favorite summer sweet treat ice cream… Popsicle are making a huge comeback, but in a gourmet way.  Are you planning a fun outdoor event or even a wedding? Frios Pops is mobile and ready to add a unique sweet treat to your next gathering.  Supporters of small businesses and growing local economies, Frios Gourmet Pops are your go to for fresh. frozen. fun.

Photo Credit:  Frios Gourmet Pops – Aggieland                                                                                              

6.  Have you ever wanted to tryout a science experiment with your ice cream?  Y’all my ice cream isn’t around long enough for me to actually conduct any experiments… but that’s ok because SubZero Nitrogen Ice Cream has you covered.  The staff at SubZero use liquid nitrogen to hand mix your ice cream at freezing temps of 321 degrees Fahrenheit.  Don’t worry, the liquid nitrogen isn’t toxic and it does not have a taste or smell to it.

Bonus: SubZero loves education and they will take their show on the road, this would be a huge hit at a children’s party!

Next week I’ll share a few more Ice Cream spots that you don’t want to miss around the state and beyond the boarders of Texas! xx Jennifer

Photo Credit:  SubZero Nitrogen Ice Cream                                                                                                    


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