Gratitude Challenge

I can’t think of a better day, than today, to kick off the 2018 Gratitude Challenge.  I recently attended a philanthropy focused conference that truly moved me to take action, every day.  But not in a way that focused on myself, but in a way that inspired others and showed gratitude to others.

In a world of technology, the art of handwritten correspondence is lost.  Stop and seriously think, when is the last time you received a handwritten letter in the mail?  It’s ok, I honestly can’t remember either.  But now think about the feeling you get when you open a handwritten letter out of the mailbox – it’s a feeling of excitement and anticipation and most importantly appreciation and gratitude.

When I get a handwritten letter, I cherish it.  I will keep it forever. Some of my favorite letters are from my grandmother.  And now that she is passed I am so grateful to have even a small piece of her physically in my life along with the beautiful childhood memories she created.

Let’s spend 2018 telling the people around us that we are grateful for them, flaws and all.

Here’s my challenge to you… start by grabbing a box of note cards.  Tip: don’t break the bank.  Some of the best cards I’ve found are at Half Price Books, Home Goods, and Tuesday Morning.  Start each morning telling someone your grateful for them in a handwritten letter.  Make it a minimum of three meaningful sentences and be specific about why you are grateful for them.

Want to take the challenge to the next level?  Eliminate the words “thank you” and “I”.  Trust me this will take your gratitude to the next level.  It’s ok, I’ve created a few prompts for you below to kick off your handwritten gratitude note challenge!

  1. You Inspire our team to be successful when you…
  2. You’re a Rock Star! (this one is my favorite)
  3. You are valued and loved because…
  4. Words can not express how grateful we are…

Find an accountability partner and share your gratitude cards with me on Instagram @growinguptexas.  Use the hashtag #gratitudechallenge2018

xx -Jennifer

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