Favorite Things Party

Galentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’m celebrating my friendships by throwing a “Favorite Things Party!”

Have you ever heard of a “Favorite Things Party?” I love planning parties for my friends and last year we started a fun tradition celebrating new and old friendships. Not only is the “Favorite Things Party” a great theme, it’s also a fun party activity to get to know each other… and oh yeah you get to take home a bunch of cool stuff.

So here’s how it works…

First:  Pick a date and invite your best gal pals to join you!  I created a Facebook invite to help keep up with RSVPs and to communicate important details about the evening.  But you could also create an Evite, this might be the best solution for those who may not be on social media.

Second:  Ask friends to bring three of the same gift, wrapped in open top gift bags. The gift should be their favorite thing… a favorite lip gloss, a favorite scarf, a favorite book… you get the point.  All three items should be the same, but can vary in color.  So if the favorite thing is lip gloss, you could buy it in three different colors. Gift Tip: Set a budget for each gift, for example each gift can not exceed $25. This helps give guests an idea of what to spend and it keeps all the gifts in the same price range.

Third:  To make it easy on the hostess, ask guests to bring their favorite adult beverage and appetizer or dessert to share with the party. This is my favorite part, deciding on the decorations and food! 

I always create a signature cocktail for events, it ties in the whole theme and makes a great impression on guests. My favorite drink to make for this party is simply mixing a pink lemonade packet, a liter of sprite and of course Champagne. I then add frozen strawberries and lemon slices after mixing the drink to add color… bonus it keeps your drink cold without diluting the drink!

Now you have all the steps to make your Galentine’s Day Favorite Things Party a success! Go set the date and get to planning! – xx Jennifer

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