Happy One Year Anniversary

In February 2018, I started the Growing Up Texas blog! This last year has had a lot of ups and downs, I actually feel like I was blindfolded for most of it (lol) and I was constantly stopping to change directions and regroup. Have you ever started a project or maybe even started a new hobby, but you really had no idea where to start, no real scope of what the outcome would be?

Photo Credit: Shelby Tsika Photography

For me I knew that starting the Growing Up Texas blog was something I’ve wanted to do for years BUT …. yeah that’s the word, “but”. I made excuses for why I wasn’t qualified, excuses for why it would fail and the worst part was I was scared of what other people would think. I have written in more detail about this before on the blog, but I felt like in the wake of a huge milestone of celebrating a year and creating a large event around the celebration that I wanted to share some inspiration and encouragement to readers who are thinking about starting a business or a new hobby or maybe it’s just a new season of life. For me it was all three of those things – it was a creative outlet as a hobby – that quickly grew into a business – and it all happened during a new season of my life.

Photo Credit: Shelby Tsika Photography

The one year anniversary celebration was huge, it was so satisfying to be surrounded by everyone who loves me and who has supported me over the last year. It’s like having an entire cheering section in one room… man if I could just bottle that and sell it I would be rich. I chose to celebrate my one year anniversary at a local retailer because that is where my true passion and drive comes from and the “why” behind my blog.

At a young age my mother owned her own retail store, I grew up playing in a toy box that was on the showroom floor, the customers were like family and this store was my after school play date. To many this may sound boring, but what it taught me at a young age was hard work, strong work ethics and what it meant to own your own business. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and to create a business that I could call my own, but I just wasn’t sure what that would be or what that would even look like.

After spending most of my young adult career in the retail industry and designing businesses for other people, I thought to myself, why wouldn’t I do this for myself? And with that Growing Up Texas was born. Starting the blog, again I didn’t know what direction I was going, I just knew that I was suppose to start out on the road and God would lead me to where I needed to go… this is called blind faith.

The evening was filled with laughter, hugs and my two favorite things champagne and shopping. Friends and community members stopped by to join in on the celebration, shop and network. There were moments during the evening where I just stopped and stepped back, I took it all in and thought to myself “wow I created this, wow.” With the help of friends, family and their support I was able to start out on a journey that was blind but overtime had become so clear.

A special thank you to the Growing Up Texas one year anniversary party sponsors! Our fabulous hosts at Coterie Boutique, Celebrity Spa & Salon, Original Cowgirl Clothing, Admiral Catering, Shipwreck Grill, Royalty Pecans, and Goldie’s Sweet Shop!

Stay tuned for our next GTX Shopping Party coming up in July 2019! Announcement coming soon to Facebook and Instagram!

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