The Hook is Back!

With a break in the rainy weather and sunshine on our side, Mike and I decided to take a Sunday afternoon drive out to the lake and have lunch lakeside at The Hook on Lake Bryan in Bryan, Texas!

The grand opening of the lake front restaurant, “The Hook”, earlier this month caught our attention, so we stopped by for a quick bite on the deck overlooking the water. The new menu was traditional lakeside treats and what you would expect to find after rolling off the lake… hamburgers, lake fries and my personal favorite – fried pickle chips.

Mike and I tried a few of the nontraditional items to get a feel for the menu.  The Lake fries were a no brainer, they were garnished with a melted American cheese and topped with everyone’s favorite ingredient, bacon.  I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich and Mike had the wings.

All in all, it was a gorgeous day to sit by the lake and enjoy a ice cold beer and tasty lakeside food from The Hook.  We look forward to this summer by the lake, live music, beer and the lake fries.

Here is a glance at the full menu (sorry the pic is a little blurry) and don’t forget to take $5 to get through the lake entry gate and use as a $5 credit on your meal at The Hook!

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