The Art of Tequila Tasting

After a beautiful morning setting sail off the coastline of Baja, Mike and I decided to spend the afternoon with an impromptu tequila tasting at The Towers at Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort. The resort offers a tequila tasting for a party size of twelve and under. This would be an excellent group activity for a wedding party or even as a couple on your romantic getaway.

We felt like celebrities when we walked into the room because we had the opportunity to experience a private tequila tasting, along with a tasty array of tapas. Our Tequila Master, Delfino, was friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about Tequila… the perfect qualities to have for the perfect Tequila tasting.

Clase Azul Tequila & Mezcal

The tasting began with the history of Tequila including the discovery of the blue agave. Delfino explained that Tequila is not for getting drunk, it is the center of every family get together, every celebration and it always makes you happy. Maybe this is why I enjoyed the experience of the Tequila tasting so much… I was drawn in by it’s rich history into the culture of Mexico and it soothed my soul at the thought of families gathering together in celebration.

Working our way around the selection of Tequilas, we each picked our favorite as we smelled the beautiful aromas of each Tequila before tasting. Delfino explained the importance of how to actually taste the Tequila and how to properly enjoy it!

During your stay at The Towers at Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort make sure to reserve your seat at the famous Tequila tasting room featuring over 100 Tequilas!

Salud! Jennifer


  1. December 21, 2019 / 1:52 pm

    Due to its bitter and strong taste, it is not possible for everyone to be good at Tequila tasting as not everyone can withstand its taste. This is the reason you need a lot of practice for it.

    • Jennifer
      December 29, 2019 / 10:54 pm

      I totally agree! Practice makes perfect. Cheers!

  2. May 31, 2023 / 4:49 am

    I particularly appreciated how the author delved into the rich history and cultural significance of tequila, making it more than just a beverage but an art form in itself. The detailed description of the tasting process, from examining the color and aroma to savoring the flavors, truly captured the essence of the experience. Additionally, the article’s inclusion of tips on how to pair tequila with different foods added an extra layer of excitement and exploration.

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