The Ballet Physique

I’ve teamed up with The Ballet Physique Streaming Studio to bring you a unique workout experience in the comfort of your home or on the road. I travel weekly for work and keeping up my workout routine on the road can sometimes be challenging. The Ballet Physique helps me stay on track while I’m traveling or adds a extra element to my current routine when I’m at home.

What is The Ballet Physique?

Barre is a technique that produces lean bodies via the principle of muscular overload, which involves working muscles to fatigue through small, high rep movements. Expertly curated barre workouts designed to meet you where ever you’re at in your fitness journey. Enjoy workouts while traveling or in your home. Each workout includes step-by-step cues, with modifications tailored to your body, led by the most knowledgeable instructors online. The Ballet Physique is a boutique-quality fitness experience from the comfort of home.

Inspired Barre Fitness Classes On Demand

Get ready to meet your new, exquisitely sculpted body—complete with the strength, confidence and grace that will transform you into the principal dancer of your own life’s ballet.

The Ballet Physique Streaming Studio is always at your fingertips with easy access through your computer, tablet, smartphone, or tv streaming device. New content added weekly!

Try a 14 day free-trial using promo code GROWINGUPTEXAS, click HERE to start today! Get started and enjoy the following benefits from The Ballet Physique on demand studio:

  • Convenient web platform and 4 compatible apps. You can access them from anywhere in the world.
  • After the 14 day free-trial, the monthly cost, at $24.99, is a small fraction of what you would pay to join a boutique barre studio.
  • Dancer-designed workouts include choreography that helps strengthen and sculpt hard-to-reach muscles.
  • Variety! Videos range from 5-60 minutes with a “pairings” category that helps mix and match video content.
  • Instructors take care to explain how to do the exercises correctly and efficiently. Form is everything.
  • The results are real. The workouts are challenging—but worth it!
Try Ballet Physique Streaming Studio, FREE, for 14 days!

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