Drive in Five: 2019 Land Rover Discovery

2019 Land Rover Discovery At Quick Glance:

  • 7-Seater; complete with a third row
  • From your smartphone, remote intelligent folding seat technology help you when your hands are full.
  • 21 compartments throughout the SUV make storage easy
  • Head-Up Display to help keep your eyes on the road
  • Panoramic Roof to view the stars at night or embrace the sunshine

“Drive in Five” is a snapshot review of the latest cars on the market in five points or less. I’m not a car expert, but a southern woman giving her unbiased opinion on the latest rides rolling off car lots.

1. Favorite Features

Overall the Discovery had many top of the line technology features that were very impressive. Beginning with the 10″ touchscreen with Apple Play capabilities in the infotainment center made navigation simple.

The ability to lower the SUV to enter and exit the SUV is very helpful for the vertically challenged, like myself. The steering wheel diameter also fit my petite hands and made handling of the vehicle easier.

If you like to hike or often find yourself needing to leave your keys behind while going on your next adventure the Discovery has you covered. The SUV is equipped with a key less entry wrist band great for those who are active and constantly on the go.

A unique feature that we are starting to see in this class of SUV is the Electric Power Assisted Steering Performance and Handling system. The SUV almost drives itself and helped guide me while on the road.

2. Comfort Level

Every time we jumped in the Discovery I immediately turned on the massaging seat feature as well as the cooling seats. This definitely upped our comfort level as we drove through town and was surprisingly a huge selling point for me.

3. How Does it Drive?

As I mentioned in the review of my favorite features, the steering wheel size was perfect for my petite hands and it made it easy to steer safely while driving. In addition, the electric power assisted steering performance and handling helped to guide me on the road and made it easier to relax knowing I had a little extra help with my drive time.

The ride was smooth and luxurious, with the capability to gain speed quickly if necessary.

4. Overall Looks

I fell in love with the Portofino Blue (basically navy) color of the Discovery. The color just screams luxury, although you will be washing it a lot because it’s similar to owning a black car and it might not be the best purchase for the Texas heat.

5. Cost

The Discovery comes in at a price point of $80,000. Although maybe slightly above my personal budget, I feel like in comparison with other Luxury SUVs, the Discovery is worth every cent and I would make this purchase if funds were available.

The opinions in this article are not influenced by Land Rover Discovery and are completely mine. Discovery images featured in this article were taken with permission of Aggieland Safari, for safety reasons we do not recommend exiting your vehicle while touring the Safari.

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