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Flowers always brighten my day. There is just something about a fresh arrangement that brings a smile to my face and they always seem to lift my spirits. I love the pop of color that flowers bring to any room and the beautiful aroma that fills the space.

In the world of convenience, much like a Netflix subscription, the first thing I added to my New Year’s Resolution list in 2020 was a floral subscription from Tricia Barksdale Designs. With a new decade upon us and the idea of new beginnings, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate each day.

The Gardens at Texas A&M University

New year’s resolutions are typically filled with the standard – lose weight, eat healthy, etcetera etcetera. These are all good resolutions to have and believe me they are on the top of the list, BUT your mental health should be equally important. Did you know that flowers can help you with your mental health?

Research suggests that flowers can improve your emotional health. Whether you are sent flowers from a loved one or you bought them for yourself, your mood improves. Flowers can also aid in memory and concentration, relaxation and recovery.

How does the Flower Subscription work?

Tricia Barksdale Designs has made it easy for you or your loved one to sign up for the flower subscription in the New Year. Choose between two subscription packages “Forget-Me-Not” or “Gift Flower” Subscription.

Both plans provide FREE local delivery if you live in Bryan/College Station, Texas. This is a $12 savings with every delivery.

Forget-Me-Not Flower Subscription

Sometimes it can be a challenge to remember important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays or just because. The Forget-Me-Not subscription service creates a custom floral arrangement and delivers it to your significant other on the dates you choose. 

Simply provide a list of all important dates and Tricia Barksdale Designs will do the remembering! Here are a few examples of how the Forget-Me-Not flower subscription service can simplify your to-do list:

  • Send your mom and mother-in-law flowers on Mother’s Day.
  • Send your wife flowers on your anniversary, her birthday… and don’t forget Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day!

Gift Flower Subscription

Enjoy a fresh, seasonal arrangement delivered every month you are subscribed! This gift is perfect for any loved one, friend or even for your office. Delivered on the first Wednesday of each month, choose from a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription.

When you sign up online, simply choose a size:

  • Standard Size – $50 per arrangement
  • Deluxe Size – $75 per arrangement
  • Premium Size – $100 per arrangement

Special Note: If one month has a special day (birthday, anniversary, etc), you can request delivery for that specific date. You will be charged per shipment according to the size of your choice. Sizes can be upgraded at any time or for any specific date.

If you would like to sign up for a subscription service to start now, click HERE for the next steps or call Tricia Barksdale Designs directly (979)-693-5387.

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