4 Event Planning Secrets

“Pictures… or it didn’t happen.”

In an environment where everyone has their cell phone ready to take pictures or video at all times; providing a dedicated space for photos at your event is a must. Balloons are a new trend that adds a fun new element to events. A simple balloon arch that coordinates with your event theme adds the perfect backdrop for photos.

From a Galentine’s Day celebration to a “Bride to Be” Tropical Bridal Bruch, the design elements are endless. The installation is easy and the cleanup is fun when you get to pop all of the balloons. If you are looking for a quote for your next event, reach out to Pop! Party Co. or Bubbleloon Giant Ballons.

Flower Power

Floral arrangements brighten up your events and are a simple way to make your event feel high end. Choose flowers that are in season and match your event color pallet. Working with a floral designer can really help when you are trying to achieve a certain style or enhance specific colors at your event. Tricia Barksdale Designs is my preferred floral designer and their creations always make my events stand out.

Another bonus about including floral arrangements at your event is that the arrangements make great gifts for honorees, guests or hostesses. If your event doesn’t lend itself to gifting floral to attendees, consider connecting with local hospice care to inquire about donating the floral arrangements after your event.

How to Donate Floral Arrangements:

Consider your donation plan prior to ordering your flowers. Find a non-profit, such as a hospice care organization, and coordinate with them first. Make sure you understand any guidelines that the nonprofit has established for receiving donations.

Next, discuss your desire to make a donation with your florist. This is important because there is a certain way that the flowers will need to be handled if you are donating them after the event. For example, a florist can arrange the flowers in a plastic/disposable canister that can sit nicely into decorative urns. Once the event is over, simply lift the canisters out and make your donation.

Custom Sweets

Have you joined the sugar cookie craze yet? Well if not, let me introduce you to a special treat that your guests will get excited over. For the sweet tooth enthusiasts creating a custom, sweets station is a great way to reward your event guests.

If you are hosting a corporate event, you might consider ordering custom cookies with your logo. If you want guests to enjoy these on the way out the door ask the bakery if you can have each cookie individually wrapped. The bakery might charge a little extra but it’s a great takeaway. You can even include a small sticker on the back with your contact information.

Signature Cocktails

Creating a signature cocktail for your event is another small detail that guests can get excited over. This is another way to bring a splash of color to the bar area and around the room as guests mingle.

Mimosas are a simple brunch drink that is easy to customize depending on the color you want to achieve. Here are a few color combos to consider, just add champagne!

  • Maroon = Cranberry Juice/Red Wine
  • Blush Pink = Crystal Light Pink Lemonade / Sparkling Rose
  • Rose Pink = Simply Lemonade Raspberry Lemonade

Next, add a simple fruit garnish in a fun glass, like a mason jar, and a patterned paper straw to bring even more color to your event.

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