Health Benefits of More Greenspace

Whether you are thinking of moving into a community with a park or maybe there is a park near you that you haven’t visited yet; parks with playgrounds can significantly impact you and your family’s quality of life. A great selling point for me when I purchased my new home was the access to a community park just down the street. It is equipped with walking trails, a basketball court, a playground for the kiddos, and covered area for picnics.

Before the pandemic, I believe that families probably forget about the many local outdoor spaces around them. Now that our pace of life has changed and we find ourselves at home more, I see many people are taking advantage of the perks of a park and playground in or around their homes.

If you do not have a playground near you, then consider working with your local HOA and community can transform an outdoor space into a playground for families in your neighborhood. There are a wide variety of residential swing-sets that are great for everyone. Setting up a community online fundraiser cab bring your neighbors together while brightening up your neighborhood with lots of colors and excitement for everyone!

Here are just a few benefits of having a dedicated green space in your neighborhood: 

A Great Meeting Spot 

Living near a residential playground is a great place to meet friends and family; filled with swings, slides, and benches perfect for bringing a picnic. Meeting here also allows your children to be entertained while you can sit and relax. It can enable children to develop their learning and adventure skills. 

Fit and Healthy 

With more downtime at home, one of the methods of avoiding childhood obesity is finding opportunities to be outside and having an area they can run around in. If you don’t have a large backyard, a community park is an excellent opportunity to keep them healthy. For example, while they are using the swings, there can be many benefits such as developing muscle strength, and when they are balancing on the swing seat, they are strengthening their core.

Value of the Community 

When people are looking for a new home, families will often have a residential playground nearby on their checklist. I know I did! With this being said, having a community playground or greenspace will boost the value of your property. Hopefully, with this guide, you are inspired to visit your local park or start a fundraiser in your neighborhood that will have many health benefits for you and families in the longterm.

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