How to Wrap a Gift for Christmas Like a Pro

Create a little more cheer this year with professionally styled and wrapped gifts! Your family won’t believe their eyes when they see your beautifully wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree.

To get started, you will only need a few items to make your Christmas presents look amazing. Learn how to wrap your Christmas gifts like a holiday pro with my tips on buying gift wrapping supplies while also saving a few dollars with my money-saving tips… starting with the wrapping paper.

At the end of each holiday season, I typically buy all of my paper products, from wrapping paper to gift boxes, wine gift bags (you’ll want to stock up on these), gift tags, and tissue paper. The end of the season is always the best time of year to buy all of your holiday paper products because you will find them for pennies on the dollar at many retail chains such as Wal-Mart and Target. Before you head out on your bargain shopping adventure though, it’s always a good idea to take a quick glance at what you have in your closet so you don’t overspend on all of the cute holiday paper. Remember that trends change from season to season, and so does your taste.

Choose gift wrapping paper that is “on brand” for you? That’s right on brand. Everyone has colors and patterns that they will trend towards. For example, I know that I love the color navy, and I love neutral pallets and tones, soft florals. But maybe your style is more retro and you like geometric patterns with pops of color. Whatever your style (brand) is, be aware of this when you are shopping. I often find myself picking out items that are very whimsical and brightly colored. While I really like the look, it doesn’t really go with my aesthetic at home or any of my holiday decor.

When I purchase wrapping paper I buy it in sets of three or five, and I know what colors I am looking for before I start shopping. I will start by picking one to two patterns that have the same overall design elements, similar to the snowflake and pinecone patterns in the featured photo. I believe that the designs you choose will also help guide you in selecting the rest of your wrapping paper. Next, I will pick a solid paper (navy is my go-to color) and added bonus if it has a texture to it, like a linen finish. And finally, I will look for a few simple patterns such as a polka dot, a stripe, or even a word that is repeated such as “Falalalala.”

Now for the real fun… the gift wrapping finishing details. Its down to the final touches, think of this as adding the icing to your cake, the wrapping paper is just the beginning! I love the look and the feel of a simple wide satin ribbon, it gives a wrapped gift a high-end feel and it just reminds me of Christmas. Velvet ribbon is also another texture that adds a sense of warmth and coziness to your gifts.

Adding a small decoration after you tie the gift bow feels like the final touch. Choosing an element from the design of your patterned paper is one way to pick the perfect garnish. I chose a small pick with a pinecone, greenery, and holy. This brings a little more color to my neutral gift wrapping paper color pallet. Sticking with pinecones, sprigs of holy or even cinnamon sticks will give the final touches to your perfectly styled Christmas gift.

And the one item I always seem to forget… the gift tag. Am I the only one adding sticky notes at the last minute?? Well, I’m definitely guilty of this on more than one occasion. So don’t forget to add your gift tags to your shopping cart. Unless your family is hosting a white elephant exchange you don’t want Grandma opening a gift for your thirteen-year-old niece!

Want to recreate this wrapping paper folded edge look on your Christmas gifts?

Watch my tutorial on Instagram Reels and learn how to fold like a pro as the video takes you through each step!

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