How to Make a Valentine’s Day Candy Grazing Board

1. Start with a round charcuterie board. I used this marble from Williams Sonoma because it will stay cool and keep the candy from melting.

2. Pick one to two medium-sized shapes, such as a lips cookie cutter or heart-shaped dish, that will help define your Valentine’s Day theme and give the grazing board a little height.

3. Fill the cookie cutter and dish with candy or snacks that are the opposite color to make the food pop off the charcuterie board.

4. Start layering cookies, candy and sweet snacks by size, starting with the largest item. I started with the H-E-B pink heart sugar cookies.

5. Keep smaller chocolate candies in their wrapper if they have, such as the Ghiradelli, because it brings out a great gold accent color to break up the pink and red colors on the candy grazing board.

6. Think about unique items to add to your grazing board, such as these petite donuts and cotton candy made into cute roses.

7. Think about adding jelly belly’s in a monochromatic pattern to cover a large area.

All of the products featured in this story were purchased from Williams Sonoma, Target and H-E-B grocery store.

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