First Year of Owning Your Home: What to Expect

Owning your own home is so rewarding and it is often an exciting next chapter in your life. Owning a home might be something that you have been saving up for a while, and potentially waited a long time to take the leap. But now that you have moved into your new home, there may already be a long list of home improvement projects or possibly even a renovation in some cases. 

If you bought a new home, or you have inherited an old and big house, or maybe you’ve finally got your hands on that dream home, no matter what, the house you are moving into can bring some problems your way. There are areas of your home that you should pay attention to, particularly when you are first settling in that you should be aware of as a new homeowner. 

Typically any problems with homes are all commonly found in the home surveying results, and they should definitely be something you keep an eye out for in the first year of living in your new home.

Common Home Problems

Water Damage is common in homes and it’s not usually easily seen, even in new builds that have little to no mileage on them. Water can get into a house in all kinds of ways, especially if the insulation is bad or the roof isn’t installed properly. Poor ventilation systems can also cause extensive structural damage in just a couple of years if not addressed quickly. 

But what should you do if you notice signs of water damage? If there were no signs before buying the property, it’s clearly a new problem. The best thing to do is call in an expert to find where it’s coming from, because water damage is better sorted out sooner rather than later. 

Cracks in the Structure

Finding cracks in your home’s structure is scary and makes you start to wonder, is a wall going to fall down? Is it going to cause the ceiling to collapse? Does it mean something has settled into the foundation? Cracks can cause all kinds of worry, and you should keep an eye out for them when buying a property, but it doesn’t always mean a structural problem.

In many cases with a newer home, it is simply the home settling and it will cause hairline cracks in the sheetrock or cause the caulking around sink areas to separate. Of course, not all cracks have to mean something bad is going on – some can just be surface damage and patched over again. However, always call in a service such as the Foundation Repair Company to check on the nicks and cracks you notice in the floor and the walls, and always listen to the results of the survey before investing any money. 

Roof Repair

And finally, the roof can be a big problem when you first move into a property. Whether this is due to gutter and drain blockages, a bad hail storm or high winds, or if the roof isn’t just isn’t insulated right, your home can become damp, cold, and even musty as a result. Make sure to have a roof inspector take a look at your roof as soon as possible – it’s hard to assess its health when you’re on the ground floor! 

Owning a home can come with a whole host of problems, make sure you keep the most common problems listed above in mind!

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