How to Pack Your Wedding Details Box

Every bride wants to capture each perfect moment at her wedding, from the grand walk down the aisle to the first kiss as husband and wife. Sometimes the details can be forgotten or thrown together last minute. There are so many items on every bride’s checklist and this is an easy one that should be considered when you are budgeting and ordering invitations.

Creating a wedding day details box for your photographer was some of the best wedding advice I received. I knew that we would want every detail photographed of the day and this wedding tip resulted in beautifully curated images that I know I will treasure forever.

Typically the wedding photographer will shoot the details photos first, this is probably when you are getting ready – such as hair and makeup. We were in a unique situation where I was not getting ready in the same location as my fiancé, now husband. So I really needed to think through each detail shot and what I thought needed to be included in creating a Wedding Details Box.

What to Include in Your Wedding Details Box

Start packing your wedding details box to include two sets of Wedding Invitations, plus the envelopes. If the envelopes are lined make sure to include two. Tip: address one envelope to a person, this can be a way to honor a family member or pay homage to your favorite celebrity. Can you tell who my favorite celebrity is?

In addition to wedding invitations, I included my save the dates as well because the design included a handpainted replica of our wedding venue. This was a detail that was important to me so I made sure to also include a set of the save the dates in the Wedding Details Box.

Include supporting elements to your wedding invitation suite such as ribbons, wax seals, and vintage stamps. When you are ordering your invitations and envelopes, factor into the final count additional sets of both invitations and envelopes for your Wedding Details Box.

When booking your wedding floral make sure to ask your florist for loose wedding flowers for the “flat lay” photo look. We had floral arrangements made for my bridal suite and this worked out perfectly to clip a few flowers to use to enhance each wedding shot. Many brides will use their wedding bouquet, but having the extra flowers simplified the process for shooting the detailed photos.

This will feel a little strange, but make sure to include both the bride and groom’s rings in the Wedding Details Box. The Wedding photographer will need both rings to create beautiful images of the rings together. Accessories to also consider are special wedding ring boxes, like the monogrammed Mrs. Box, your jewelry, shoes, vail. You might also consider including the groom’s cuff links and watch.

Choose an item or prop for your Wedding Details Box that is special to you and your groom. For us, it was a small metal toy car because we love traveling and taking road trips together. Travel is such an important element in our lives.

Additional elements that we included were my monogrammed handkerchief with my new initials, our guest’s favor box because it had our wedding date and names on it and of course our his and hers wedding koozies. You might also consider a bottle of perfume, lipstick, a special hanger for your wedding dress.

I purchased a simple photo box at Hobby Lobby and packed the box carefully for my wedding photographer to make her job easier. It was nice to have everything contained in one small box for my photographer to carry to the perfect well lit spot for photos. I assigned my maid of honor to be in charge of this box and to ensure it made its way back to the bridal suite before the wedding of course!

Here are a few boxes I found online that I think would make excellent Wedding Details Boxes for your wedding.

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