How to Make a Spooky Halloween Barkuterie Board for Your Dog

We recently adopted a loving, beautiful, black Labrador from our local Animal Shelter, Aggieland Humane Society, during the National Clear the Shelters campaign. We are naturally very excited about all of the adventures we will have with our new pup, and I have not wasted any time spoiling our new puppy, Bailey.

With the Fall upon us and Halloween right around the corner, I jumped on the “Barkuterie” Board trend for dog moms everywhere. I thought it would be a fun way to start to incorporate our new puppy into my website and have a little fun creating clever snacks for Bailey.

The variety of dog treats has vastly changed since the last time we owned a dog and to my surprise, Pet Supply Plus has an entire Barkery fully stocked with flavor-packed treats that I couldn’t resist as a new dog mom. To recreate this spooky Halloween Barkuterie Board for your dog, I’ve broken down all of the steps from the products I purchased to how to style your very own Barkuterie Board!

Starting with the Pawprint Barkuterie Board, look no further than Amazon. This board is a great size and you can easily change it out from season to season because it’s a pawprint. I also purchased cookie cutters to help create the outline of a dog. The Halloween-themed dog treats were all purchased from Pet Supply Plus, but with a quick Google search, I was able to find a variety of other options online such as and Thrive Market.

Below I’ve linked up a few products I purchased for the Barkuterie Board to make it easy for you to shop and recreate the same board.

After you have gathered your supplies and you start to layout your Barkuterie Board, I recommend sketching out where you will place each item. It seems kind of strange but if you have each item mapped out it will help you assemble your Barkuterie Board in no time!

Next, you will start with your larger items, I call them my “anchors.” Anytime I create a Charcuterie board at home and now the Barkuterie boards, it’s important to use odd numbers when picking your anchors. For example, this Barkuterie board is smaller, so I will use three anchors and place those first. It is easier to place your larger items (your anchors) first, then you can fill in around the large items with your smaller items.

My three anchors for the Spooky Halloween Barkuterie Board are the dog cookie cutter filled with small pumpkin-flavored treats and two Halloween inspired dog biscuits. It already looks delicous!

Next, I start to fill in around my anchors with the medium and small-sized treats.

How to Make a Spooky Halloween Barkuterie Board for Your Dog

I hope you have a very Spooky Halloween recreating this fun Barkuterie Board for your dog!

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