First Drive in the all NEW 2022 Lexus NX

Growing Up Texas - First Drive in the NEW Lexus NX 350H
Photo Credit: Michael Satterfield | Satterfield Group

Earlier this year, Mike and I were invited by Lexus to join them in a special sneak peak and drive experience of the all new Lexus NX in Phoenix, Arizona. Together, we have been on a lot of road trips across the country and one of our favorite things to do is to test drive new vehicles.

On the spot we review the vehicle and evaluate how it would fit into our everyday life. We go through our checklist of overall functionality that we look for in a vehicle that will meet our everyday needs and ask these five simple questions:

  1. Will it fit into our small suburban home garage?
  2. Will it hold our fifty pound black lab?
  3. How many pieces of luggage can it hold?
  4. Is the technology intuitive and easy to use while navigating the open roads?
  5. Will it comfortably and easily fit friends and family in the passenger seats?

During our first drive in the new Lexus NX, we said yes to every question.

Growing Up Texas
2022 NX 350h | Photo Credit: Michael Satterfield | Satterfield Group

The new Lexus NX is designed around four pillars: bold design, driving signature, electrification, and advanced technology. This new design starts with the “Tazuna” cockpit, a Japanese word to describe “reins.” The driver, much like taking the reins of a horse, has more control between the driver seat and their vehicle.

During the first drive, I had complete control over the road, I could easily navigate the road with every winding turn of Arizona’s Tonto National Forest.

Growing Up Texas
Photo Credit: Michael Satterfield | Satterfield Group

“Drive in 5”

A snapshot review of the latest cars on the market in five points or less.

1. Technology, Technology, Technology

Multimedia System

The new Lexus NX intuitive interface multimedia system is designed for not only the driver but the passenger too. The overall design enhances the users experience through sight, touch, and voice. The touch screen comes standard as a 9.8 inch touchscreen, but is also available in a 14-inch.

My favorite part about the new interface is that it allows both the driver and passenger to setup their own user profiles and pair multiple phones to the interface. This creates a comfortable communication space for both the driver and passenger for the entire ride. This feature is also perfect for someone who has both a business and personal cell phone or long car rides where both the driver and passenger want to pair their cell phones.

Hey Lexus!

Talk directly to the new Lexus interface with a voice first system that allows commands such as “Hey Lexus, turn on windshield wipers” or “Hey Lexus, I’m chilly” which will result in a temperature change inside the cabin to make your drive more enjoyable. It’s like having a personal assistant built into your vehicle that can detect what you want, when you want it.

Additional features:

  • Digital key that can be accessed from your cell phone
  • Cloud based navigation powered by Google
  • Unobstructed view digital rearview mirror

2. Lexus NX Model Options and Starting Price Point

The new Lexus NX is available in four different models: NX 250, NX 350, NX 350h, and NX 450h+

The starting price point was almost unbelievable and too good to be true for a luxury vehicle. Although this price point may be geared toward Gen-Z and Gen-Y, I believe that tech savvy seniors (65+) will be interested in not only the price point, but also the overall vehicle size, intuitive features, and comfort levels.

Starting Price Points

2022 NX 250$37,950
2022 NX 250 AWD$39,550
2022 NX 350 AWD$41,050
2022 NX 350 F Sport
Handling AWD
2022 NX 350h AWD$41,050
2022 NX 450h+ AWD$55,560
2022 NX 450h+ F Sport
Handling AWD
*prices might vary, please consult your Lexus dealer for exact pricing for the model and features you desire.

3. Safety

Imagine parking on a busy street and trying to exit your vehicle while cars are quickly passing you by. Or your child is in the rear seat ready to exit the vehicle, but a bicyclist comes out of now where. These are all scenarios that we’ve been in at one time or another. Lexus has created a safety feature, called Digital Latch, that alerts the driver of these hazards and eliminates contact with potentially another vehicle or even worse a pedestrian.

4. Hybrid

While going fully electric in rural Texas isn’t at the top of my list as daily functionality, Lexus is offering the new NX in a hybrid option which is geared for those who live in larger cities. Hybrid is estimated to be twenty-three percent of Lexus’s sales moving forward into 2022.

Growing Up Texas

5. Visual Appeal


The exterior design is new, from the headlamps to the new grill, all the way down to the completely new logo design and exterior rear badge.


The interior was comfortable and the driver seat fits my body type. Because of my “petite” stature, I often have a difficult time with vehicle seats that are oversized or seats that wont adjust for my height requirements to be able to have a clear view of the road.

In addition to comfort, the new Lexus NX has four interior colors to choose from, including a show stopping red and black combination for a little more character.

Growing Up Texas

The thematic ambient illuminator allows the driver to choose from fifty colors and fourteen themes to truly customize and “illuminate” the drive experience.

My final thoughts on the Lexus NX are that I would in fact purchase the vehicle. I based this decision on several factors. Number one, the vehicle checks off each basic question on our everyday functionality list. Secondly, the industry leading technology and the ability to customize the drive experience enhances the comfort level not only for the driver, but the passengers too. Overall for the price point of the new 2022 Lexus NX, there is a lot of value packed into one vehicle, which is important and helps make the decision to purchase an easy one.

You tell me… will you have a “December to Remember” in the new 2022 Lexus NX?

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