Hospitality Trend: Luxury Hand Engraving

Growing Up Texas
Photo Credit: Shelby Tsika Photography | Hand Engraved Wine Bottle by Olive Cedar Designs

In 2022, luxury hand engraving is making a splash onto the hospitality scene as a way to commemorate special occasions and specialized custom gifts for clients and loved ones.

The entire process of hand engraving is absolutely incredible and adds a touch custom of art to all types of glass, such as wine and liquor bottles to perfume bottles.

3 Gift Giving Ideas with Custom Hand Engraved Glass

1. This year I celebrated the New Year with a custom engraved sparkling wine bottle hand engraved by Olive Cedar Designs.

2. If you are planning a wedding, consider a custom luxury hand engraved gift for the bride-to-be and your bridal party.

3. Dress up your bottle of wine for Valentine’s Day this year and add a little flare to your tablescape design.

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