6 Steps to Organizing and Styling Your Kitchen Pantry

Article updated on April 26, 2022

Growing Up Texas

I’m passionate about cooking, and keeping my pantry organized is key to helping me know what ingredients I have on hand and what I need to add to my grocery list. This year, I did a complete pantry makeover to freshen up the overall look of the small space and I’m sharing the six steps I took with you so you can update your pantry too.

1. Start by removing everything out of your pantry, yes everything. As you remove each item check the expiration date and have trash bag on hand to easily toss out any expired food.

2. On your countertop start to organize the food by categories, such as: baking goods, canned goods, pasta and rice, condiments and sweets. This process will help you when you are ready to restock your pantry.

3. Remove old and stained shelf liners, if you have them. Gently wipe down each shelf surface with a paper towel or cleaning cloth. After the shelves are wiped down and dry, install fresh shelf liners.

4. Install removable wallpaper with a large patter, like the lemon print I used. When you get tired of the pattern you can easily remove the wallpaper and update it over time. This is an inexpensive way to really create a pop of color in your pantry. Click on the images below to purchase the same lemon print, it also comes in Oranges too!

Growing Up Texas

5. Eliminate bulky items by putting ingredients, such as baking supplies (i.e. flour, sugar, yeast) into canisters. This is a good way to maximize space and create a beautiful clean and fresh aesthetic in your pantry.

6. Add clean preprinted white labels to the outside of each canister. This helps to keep you organized when you are looking for items quickly in your pantry while cooking. Click on the images below to shop similar pantry canisters and labels.

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Growing Up Texas

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