DIY Fall Pumpkin Candle Floral Arrangement

Jennifer Satterfield

The holiday season is right around the corner and it is never to early to start thinking about hostess gifts to have on hand. As a guest, surprising your host with a Fall scented candle and lovely floral arrangement will ensure that your at the top of the invite list! My DIY Fall Pumpkin Candle Floral Arrangement is simple, low cost, and it makes a great centerpiece or décor item in any home.

Jennifer Satterfield

Shopping List

  • Fall Faux Floral Bundles
  • Fall Scented Candles such as Pumpkin Vanilla Latte or Orchard Wood
  • Gingham Ribbon (with wire)
  • Dry Foam (circle)
  • Floral Tape

DIY Fall Candle and Faux Floral Arranging Steps

  1. Start by removing the lid from the candle and placing it upside-down on the top of the candle.
  2. Use floral tape to secure the lid to the candle jar.
  3. Place the circle dry foam on top of the lid and secure with floral tape.
  4. Trim faux floral stems to 3 to 4 inches in length.
  5. Insert each stem, starting with the smaller foliage and on the lower half of the dry foam. Work your way around the entire candle, placing each faux flower. Next fill in with the larger flowers, such as sunflowers.
  6. Add a “hero” piece such as a festive pumpkin or bow to finish the arrangement.

If you want to see a full video with step by step instructions, check out my latest Instagram Reels!

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