Easy DIY Terra Cotta Jack-o’-lantern Planter

Last year, I spray painted all of my pumpkins farmhouse white and this year a new trend has taken over! The classic Terra Cotta look is back and I couldn’t be happier to upcycle last year’s trend with this year’s refresh take on pumpkins.

Growing Up Texas

For this project, I decided to use my $15 Walmart Candy Bucket to see if I could recreate the new trend, making my total $30 in supplies.

Supply List and Estimated Cost

  • Walmart Candy Bucket $15
  • Paint $4
  • Sponge Brushes $4
  • Baking Soda $2
  • Mums $5

Terra Cotta Painting Steps

First, I added two layers of white paint over the entire outside surface of the pumpkin. Let the pumpkin dry for 30-minutes to an hour before applying each coat. A third layer might be needed if the original color of the candy bucket is still showing through the paint. I used Apple Barrel Matte Acrylic in color Snow White (21884E).

Next, I mixed three colors to create the classic Terra Cotta base color, Brown Oxide (20511E), Cameo Pink (21464E), and Harvest Orange (20589E). In equal parts, mix all three colors together to create the perfect base Terra Cotta coat. Add a tablespoon of baking soda to create a paste. Gently apply the mixture to the pumpkin, again letting it dry between layers of paint.

Growing Up Texas

Once the pumpkin has dried, you might need to go in with a few touchups but it should create the perfect Terra Cotta look. Finish your DIY craft with a little more baking soda, lightly dusting the creases of the pumpkin. I used a small Q-tip to help apply the baking soda.

And finally, select your favorite color mums and add them inside the candy bucket to display on your front porch!

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