Disney Inspired Candy Char-BOO-terie Board

Growing Up Texas

Halloween is a great time to get creative and start celebrating the cooler weather and the Fall season. Bright colors, streamers, pumpkins and of course Disney, are just a few of my favorite reasons for the season.

A few years ago, I purchased the Le Creuset Mickey Mouse ramekins for creating magically themed charcuterie boards. This is still by far one of my favorite purchases and the Le Creuset ramekins bring me joy every time I use them or share them with guests.

Getting into spooky season, I decided to use the Le Creuset Mickey Mouse ramekins as my inspirational pieces for the coffin shaped dessert board. Placing the ramekins first, it created natural dividers in the coffin to add all of the sweet treats. I used cocktail skewers to fold the ribbon candy into a wavy pattern, bringing more texture and visual appeal to the board.

Want to create your own Char-BOO-terie board this Halloween? Use my shopping list below to recreate your own coffin shaped dessert board with only a few treats and sweets.

  • Sam’s Club Halloween M&M’s
  • White Cheddar and Carmel Flavored Popcorn
  • Pumpkin Shaped Candy
  • Gummy Sugar Coated Candy Corn
  • Brightly Colored Ribbon Candy
  • Le Creuset Mickey Mouse ramekins are no longer for sale at Williams Sonoma, but I have found a set on eBay and also Etsy.

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