10 Ways to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

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My favorite home décor accessory is a fresh flower arrangement. Nothing brings me more joy than the sight and aroma that a fresh flower arrangement in our home. If you receive a flower arrangement as a gift or maybe it is part of your weekly routine, there are a few ways that you can keep your arrangements looking healthy and extend the overall life of your blooms.

10 Ways to Make Your Fresh Flowers Last Longer

  1. If you are arranging your flowers, before you place them into a vase, trim each stem at a 45-degree angle
  2. Remove leaves from each stim that will fall below the waterline in your vase.
  3. Add flower food to provide additional nutrients to help extend the life of your flowers.
  4. Change the water in your vase every day.
  5. Monitor the water level to make sure every stem has plenty to absorb.
  6. Misting your flowers daily can also help keep the flower arrangement to look hydrated and fresh.
  7. Keep your flower arrangement away from direct sunlight, drafts, and extreme temperatures. Keeping the flowers in an area that is not too hot or cold can help them last longer.
  8. Remove wilted flowers as soon as possible will help keep the other flowers in the arrangement looking fresher for longer.
  9. Keep your floral arrangement away from fruits. Fruit emits a gas called ethylene that can cause flowers to deteriorate faster.
  10. Check for any insects that may be in the arrangement, this is mostly important if your are purchasing a fresh cut flower arrangement at the farmers market and even at the grocery store. Pests can cause damage to the flowers.

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