Growing Up Texas 2023 Holiday Wine Gift Guide

Growing Up Texas

Welcome to the Growing Up Texas Holiday Wine Guide, where we invite you to elevate your festive celebrations and embody the spirit of Southern hospitality. Whether you’re a happy hostess orchestrating a soirée or a gracious guest bringing a thoughtful gift, this guide is your companion to the world of wines that perfectly complement the warmth and joy of the holiday season. We’ve curated a selection that blends sophistication with Southern charm, ensuring that every pour adds an extra layer of delight to your gatherings. So, let’s embark on a journey through flavors that capture the essence of the holidays, making each sip a toast to cherished moments and Southern traditions.

Tosti Asti Secco Docg Dry

On the nose, it entices with an array of fragrances, including honey, peach, and lychee. However, once sipped, it reveals its dry nature and a gentle effervescence reminiscent of Prosecco. Subtle hints of citrus and pear grace the palate, leaving you with the expectation of more prominent Moscato flavors. 750 mL.


Buona Notte Sangiovese Cento Por Cento

Cento Per Cento or “a hundred for a hundred” (100% Sangiovese) has high tones of cherry, plum, and fresh cut young roses anchored by sagebrush, dust, and whole cluster baking spices. Full of flavor yet light on its feet, it’s great with classic Italian dishes. 750 mL.

Buona Notte Merlot Andiamo

The grapes come from a steeply sloped Hillside Vineyard on the backside of The Dalles, Oregon. The deep alluvial soil lends itself to the fruit and dust of the wine. 750 mL.

Buona Notte Gruner Veltliner Puntarelle

Citrus and spring meadow, colors green and yellow, pea tendril, green tea-like tannins. This Gruner is a blend of two amazing vineyards at 1500ft on the cliffs of Underwood. Fresh with a touch of texture and richness. 750 mL.


Buona Notte Colli Pinole

Heady with aromas of violets, lavender, wild blueberries and forest floor. Spicy and powerful while at the same time fresh and nimble with dusty tannins through the long finish. 750 mL.


Buona Notte Pianoforte

This Pinot Noir is a stunning example of high-altitude Pinot from Underwood on the Washington side of the Gorge. The grapes maintain acidity and show off incredible volcanic terroir, and power, and the wine’s light red fruits help hit every note. 750 mL.


Buona Notte Domani

The flavor profile is a delightful medley of orange peel, fennel, star anise, quassina, chamomile, and more, evoking a bouquet of intriguing aromas and tastes. This wine captures the essence of the region, offering a vibrant interplay of flavors, just like the rolling hills and meadows of Oregon. 750 mL.


C.L. BUTAUD Cease & Desist Red Blend 2021

Robust & velvety, this Texan red blend has a base of our flagship Tempranillo, tipping our hat to the red blends of Spain from Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Toro, et al. 750 mL.


Flower Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 

Offers aromas and flavors of red cherry and cassis with layered notes of baking spice, savory herbs, and dried rose hips. The flavors are elevated on the palate by bright acidity and fine tannins. 750 mL.


San Felice Vigorello 

Made for the first time in 1968, Vigorello was the first of a new generation of Tuscan wines, with notes of red currant, sweet spice, and smooth vanilla. 750 mL. 


Kopke 20 Years Old Tawny Port

Displaying a subtle hue of orange-green, this wine captivates with a splendid aroma that intricately blends dried fruit, spice, and subtle notes of fine wood. The palate reveals a richness and concentration of flavors, culminating in a long and velvety finish.


Gary Farrell 2019 Hallberg Vineyard Pinot Noir

The 2019 Hallberg Vineyard Pinot Noir has flavors of Bing cherry compote, cassis, and Hibiscus, followed by earthy tamarind and Oolong tea, with a velvety, yet tangy finish. 750 mL.


Fanciulle Villaggio 2019 with Fanciulle Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set

Raspberries and juicy cherries are the signature tastes of Fanciulle Villaggio this special gift set also includes a 500ml bottle of 2023 Fanciulle Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, perfect for cooking your favorite pairing dinner.


Floral Springs Napa Valley Trilogy 2019 

The 2019 Trilogy marks the 35th vintage of the Flora Springs flagship red wine, a bottling that dates back to 1984. Notes of vanilla crème, black licorice, cola, and sweet earth.  


Growing Up Texas

Chapelton Vineyards Estate Blanc Du Bois 2022

Blanc du Bois showcases a vibrant interplay of crisp acidity, lively fruit, and floral notes. Enticing aromas of citrus, lilacs, and star fruit set the stage, leading to a palate filled with peach and gentle lime citrus flavors. The wine culminates in a bright, crisp finish accented by hints of minerality and ginger.


TOR Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 

Savory umami, delicate mushroom, and invigorating eucalyptus aromas intertwine with a profusion of luscious blackberry, decadent chocolate-covered cherry, and indulgent blueberry pie. A subtle trace of graphite minerality enhances the experience. The wine’s complexity deepens with nuances of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg, contributing to its status as a standout representative of the vintage. Marked by an unwavering structure and an opulent fruit core, this wine stands above many in its price point and will not disappoint. 

For true wine enthusiasts, consider picking up Tor Kenward’s book Reflections of a Vintner. He shares his story and perspective about how Napa Valley grew from a small winemaking community in the 70s to one of the world’s top wine regions. 

$115 – SHOP HERE

St. Supéry’s Cabernet Sauvignon

2018 Rutherford Estate Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Rich tones of purple and red showcase the opulence of this wine. Notes of red cherry, plum, raspberry, and goji berries intertwine with subtleties of coffee, black pepper, a touch of graphite, and toasted oak. Sweet, ripe blackberry and plum take center stage, harmonizing with hints of anise and charred oak. The wine exudes balance and a pleasing texture.

$135 – SHOP HERE

2018 Dollarhide Estate Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

The dark fruit aromas in this Cabernet Sauvignon, characterized by black plum and cassis, are both concentrated and vibrant. Subtle hints of vanillin and toasted barrel, accompanied by notes of licorice and ground pepper, add complexity. The palate is graced with robust blackberry flavors that are luxuriously textured, showcasing a well-defined structure and a lingering finish. The wine, ripe and opulent, reveals an enticing touch of dark chocolate and a dusty cocoa sensation. A truly earnest Cabernet Sauvignon, designed to mature gracefully with time in the cellar.

$125 – SHOP HERE

Larkmead 2019 Solari 

The 2019 Solari is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Silken layers of blackberry, juicy plums, and red currants find espresso beans and a lively vein of blood orange-like acidity. 750 mL.

$200 – SHOP HERE

Ferrari Trento F1® Special Edition Podium 

For this special release celebrating the excitement of Formula 1 and Ferrari Trento’s status as the official wine of F1, Ferrari Trento has selected a Blanc de Blancs produced in a limited edition and only in the three-liter bottles – typical of such celebrations – offered in a special cylindrical gift box, with a dedicated design. Standard 750ml sizes are also available. 

3- Liter (Podium Bottle) $325/ 750ML $30 – SHOP HERE

Fly With Wine

If you are traveling for the holidays with your wine, be sure to pack it in the Fly With Wine case, which is safe to check if you need to bring a special bottle home for the holidays. Offered in five, eight, or twelve-bottle capacity.

Starting at $290 – SHOP HERE

As we conclude our Growing Up Texas Holiday Wine Guide, we raise our glasses to the joyous moments and heartfelt connections that the holiday season brings. May your celebrations be adorned with laughter, warmth, and the clinking of glasses filled with exquisite wines. Whether you’re the happy hostess curating a memorable evening or the gracious guest contributing to the festivities, let the spirit of Southern hospitality guide you. Cheers to the magic of the holidays, and may the wines you choose enhance the joy shared with family and friends.

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