Easter Tablescape: How to Make a Bunny Napkin

Your Easter Bunny tablescape design isn’t complete unless you have a linen napkin folded in the shape of bunny ears! Outlined in this article, have fun and draw attention to your tabletop design with a few little whimsical details that will wow your guests!

The Easter Bunny ears idea is a simple napkin fold that anyone can master with a little instruction. Start by folding your napkin into a triangle, taking he opposite corners and bringing them together. Next simply roll the napkin lengthwise – creating two pointed ends (much like bunny ears). Bring both ends together and secure with a festive ribbon or jute twine, creating the perfect set of bunny ears and face. I like folding one ear down to give the bunny a little character.

Take your design to the next level by using a small faux bird’s nest and add Easter eggs in the center of the next. I recommend using small plastic Easter eggs, that open, to add a little sweet treat for your guests.

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