A Bowl Full of Lemons: My fruit filled summer kitchen makeover

Is it me? Or are there Lemons everywhere this summer?! My kitchen is brighter than ever thanks to the help of my new favorite fruit, lemons. For my summer kitchen makeover I wanted to keep it simple and (mostly) under budget. I chose lemon accents from tea towels to vintage signage that gives my kitchen a fresh look, splash of color and let’s face it they just make everyday fun and cheerful.

My Shopping “Rules” (I use this term loosely), when shopping for trend items, I bargain shop for most of the treasures and then splurge on one item that I just can’t live without.  You know that feeling.  My dining room table with a bowl full of lemons was my inspiration to bring a little color into the kitchen for the summer. This spurred my lemon obsession on to the Mecca of all hobby goers and decorating divas, a trip to Hobby Lobby of course. The vintage signage and ceramic soap dish were my two bargain items I purchased at Hobby Lobby, I seem to recall they were at least 50% off.  And then I lost my mind when I found the Williams Sonoma dishes and matching dish towels. WS completed my fruit filled summer kitchen makeover and it was totally worth every penny.

This season lemons have moved past the kitchen and into our closets. Reese Witherspoon has taken her new retail shop, Draper James, and updated our southern style with Lemon dresses and a beautiful embroidered lemon handbag that I must have (pausing to shop).  As if it couldn’t get better Tory Burch has used the lemon color in her summer collection and I’m adding the yellow sandals to my cart as you read.

Where ever you find your splash of color this summer I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It doesn’t take much to update a tired space and what better time to do a mini makeover than this summer.  Beat the heat this summer by checking out my lemon finds online and get to shopping y’all!

P.S.  Find all of my lemon favorites and many more of my fun obsessions on the Growing Up Texas Pinterest page.  And follow me while you’re there too! 😉 #growinguptexas



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