Why I Converted: to buying groceries online

shopping-is-for-girls-1419311With the growing competition by retailers to reach more customers and to provide high quality products to consumers quicker, I am fascinated (maybe slightly obsessed) by the strategies that big box stores are developing to capture new markets.  We have moved into an age where everything is convenient, we can get things at the drop of a hat and we live in a faster paced society than ever before.  This is rapidly changing every day…maybe every minute, every second?

I am an Amazon Prime member, but I’ve never purchased groceries online before. I have friends who live in larger cities, like Houston or Dallas, who swear by groceries at the click of a button.  I live in a “smallish” Texas town of 100,000 people plus the 60,000 students who are in and out depending on the academic calendar, so ordering groceries online seemed kind of silly.  I mean my commute to work is less than five minutes every day, seriously not joking, and there are grocery stores on every corner.

I love my community, and besides the short commute to work, shopping local is another huge perk.  Farm Patch  is an open air market and my go to for fresh vegetables, herbs, organic eggs and the latest holiday décor.  Readfield Meats & Deli is the epitome of any small town and walking in is like time travel to a simpler life.  I shop local because number one I want to support small business owners and number two I love the customer service.  Great customer service seems to be a lost art to the larger retailers.  But I’m going to throw you a curve ball… one big box retailer has recently rocked my world by creating an excellent customer service experience and helped me save time.

Time has no assigned value, it’s priceless, and Walmart is using time saving measures to attract new customers. Time was explained to me once and it changed my entire outlook on how I treat each day.  It goes like this:  There are 86,400 seconds in a day.  Put that into dollar terms, $86,400 and let’s say I deposit that dollar amount into your bank account, but the caveat is that at the end of the day it disappears.  I’m thinking you would probably spend the entire $86,400 by the end of the day, right?  That’s how I view time, it’s priceless and it will end sometime.

Let me first make the clarifying statement that I WILL continue my shopping for fresh vegetables and meat at local retailers.  But what about the basics?  Like paper goods, bottled water, chips… you get the point.  Walmart is less than two miles from my house, another small town trait, and I typically swing by during the week to pick up the odds and ends.  I noticed that one side of the store was undergoing renovations, installing carports in the parking lot and eventually installing signage about their new online grocery pickup.  Inside the store signage encouraged customers to try ordering online and even incentivizing customers with a $10 off coupon.  I was already using their Saving Catcher app, so I thought what the heck I’ll try it once and see how it goes. (Side bar:  If you haven’t downloaded this app, pause and do it now.  Essentially you upload your Walmart receipts and it will price check the items you bought will other retailers in the area such as HEB, Krogers, etc., if they find a lower price at a competing retailer they will price match and reimburse you for the overage via gift card on your next purchase.  It works, I consistently save around $10 a month.)

Going back to my obsession of anything that attacks new retail customers… I thought wow this is genius.  This is a huge time saver for customers, I’m so limited on my time each day.  You’re telling me that I can jump online (using my smartphone), place an order and then you put it in my car?  Sold, I am hooked.

I am so impressed with Walmart Grocery.  The online app is clear and user friendly, easy access pick up and my online order is always right.  I encourage you to try Walmart Grocery… just once.  If you want to give it a go follow use this link http://r.wmt.co/epy-s.  You will get $10 off your first order and by using my link I also get $10.  It’s a win, win.

Happy Savings!

xoxo Jennifer

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