The “Just Go with it Speed”

Life comes at you in many speeds. And it is difficult for me to even wrap my mind around celebrating a one year blog anniversary, where did the time go?!

One year ago today, I stood in front of a room full of my closest friends and I announced that I would be going live with a passion project of mine, the Growing Up Texas blog. I was nervous standing in front of my peers and I remember crying (tears of joy of course) when I told my friends about launching my blog. I never imagined it would be an emotional announcement, but I just went with it. And that’s the speed I’ve been cruising at for the last year, the “just going with it speed.”

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It all started with a secret. Writing is a talent that I have hidden for many years and it’s one of those things that’s always on my mind. I wake up in the morning writing short stories in my head. I could be driving to work and I’m writing a story – I was born to tell stories and illustrate my experiences through words to others. It is a God given talent and a natural ability that I kept a secret for way too long.

With the announcement of my blogging adventure to my friends and family I was also dealing with a transition in my own life. My life had changed unexpectedly, in every aspect, my world was upside down and I didn’t even know who I was anymore. God was testing my faith and reminding me that life is precious and short.

I needed something that got me out of bed in the morning, it was that simple. And I needed an outlet that sparked creativity and brought me joy and hope. Knowing that the timing of starting the blog was maybe not right, I put my foot down and put it into “just go with it speed.”

Shelby Tsika Photography

Do you have a passion that you aren’t pursuing – for whatever the million reasons and excuses you come up with every day? I did. Until I completely shifted my way of thinking. Instead of coming up with all the reasons I couldn’t or shouldn’t … I started writing down all of the reasons why I couldn’t afford not to pursue my passion of starting my blog.

I viewed my thought process a lot like a light switch. I had been sitting in the dark way too long, I was wasting my time on things that didn’t matter or weren’t important. I turned the light on and I changed my way of thinking.

A year ago I didn’t know that indeed the blog has given me hope, it has opened doors that I didn’t know were there, it has helped me to become me again. My biggest takeaway over this last year are my readers and followers – you are my true inspiration and at the end of the day, you are my why and my motivation.

What can you do today – that you can look back on in a year and say “Wow, I’m really glad I started ________.”?

Leave me a comment or send me a message to tell me what motivates you each day and what are you going to do right now to pursue your passion in life! xx Jennifer

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