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Over the last few weeks you’ve probably noticed a lot of changes to the Growing Up Texas Blog! I’ve introduced a new design to help readers navigate and access content easier and I’ve also added a shopping feature!

My friends always comment on how much they love my style… all the way from weekend looks to 9 to 5 style. I’ve never really considered myself a “fashionista” but one thing is true… I LOVE to shop. And even more so, I love finding good deals. Starting a partnership as an influencer with has created a huge win for my readers and followers. You can now shop my closet from the comfort of your cozy couch, in the airport on your next big adventure or maybe during that two hour meeting you wished you had skipped.

I’ve received a few questions from readers, such as, how to use the app and what are the benefits of shopping through the app. So to help you out I’ve created a FAQ section below that will hopefully answer your questions and guide you through downloading the app.

  • How do I download the App? It’s easy, simply visit the App store and download the App
  • Why should I shop through the App? Think of me as your personal shopper! Save time browsing through hundreds of images online and let me do it for you through the app.
  • Are products more expensive when I use the App? Nope! In fact, I will let you know about sales and provide promotional shopping codes, when available, so you are getting the best deals possibles!
  • Does Growing Up Texas Blog receive a commission on products you purchase through the App or on the blog? Yes, the links I provide on each image are commission links. But here’s the deal I’ll make with you… My promise is to always provide quality content and connect you with equally amazing products that I love and use everyday.
  • Ok I’ve downloaded the App…now what?

Have more questions about using the App or shopping on the Growing Up Texas Blog? Leave a comment below and I’d be happy help guide you through your first purchase! xx Jennifer

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