7 Ways to Make Your House a Home

After moving into my first home last year, I really started thinking about the ways I could make my new home feel welcoming and cosy. I absolutely love entertaining and inviting my friends over for brunch and fun gatherings. My home is another place to showcase my personal style and entertain in true southern style.

Whether you are just moving into your new home or you are looking to update your current decor – there are many easy home decor updates to consider to create a warm and inviting space for you and your guests. I’ve put together a list of seven ways to jump-start your home decor redesign.


Have fun with art!

A simple way to freshen up your walls is to consider adding a few new art pieces. This adds colour and texture to your walls and it is an easier alternative to redecorating completely. Local art shows are a good place to look because typically you can find great deals and also support the local artists in your community. Another idea is to grab your besties and sign up for a art class and paint your own masterpieces.

Studies have shown that art can greatly improve your mood and also be very relaxing. For more tips on how to create art for your home check out these suggestions on BuzzFeed.

Blast from the past

If you’re trying to give your place a bit of your own personality why not add some objects that remind you of your own childhood. This could mean stuffed animals or photos, displayed in a stylish way. A whimsical childlike touch can make your home feel more cheerful, after all, it doesn’t need to look like a showroom. Check out your local thrift and antique stores for one of a kind and unique items to add character and a little bit of timeless style to your home. 

Mans best friends

Ok, this “decorating” tip is more of a lifetime commitment, but when it comes to creating a cosy space having a furry friend at home can create really make a house a home. Pets are of course a bigger commitment than whimsical toys and paintings but if you’re an animal lover a new addition to the family could be a great idea. Be careful not to take the decision lightly however as it is a lifelong responsibility. Have a look at this video advice for tips on how to decide on a furry creature to suit your lifestyle. 

Flowers and House Plants

Plants are a lower maintenance option so consider adding a bit of greenery. These are also proven to lift your mood and it’s a simple way to add life to the dullest of houses. Cheerful flowers are an easy way to add a splash of color to your home as well. Make sure you have the right amount of light for the type of plant you choose.

Spring cleaning

It might not be the most fun but it’s a satisfying way to make your home feel more comfortable when you’re done. Get rid of any junk, throw away anything you don’t need. Once clean, your house will feel a lot more inviting, and then you can think about making other changes. 


Add texture to your bedrooms and living room by purchasing rugs, blankets and pillows. This will give the effect of being more cosy and relaxing. For design ideas for rugs and other furnishings, this season click here for the latest in texture trends. The main colours to look out for are neo mint green, warm golds and coral pinks. 

A Fresh Start

If you and your family are looking to upgrade or find somewhere new to call your own why not invest in real estate. William Pitt has some great designs all available to view online. 

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