How to Find the Perfect Party Venue

Hosting a party is something that a lot of people like to do. Parties are a great way to celebrate friendships, family milestones and all of the fun holidays. Honestly, I kind of makeup excuses to get everyone in the same room because I just love entertaining in my home…. aka mostly for brunch.

Planning and organizing a party doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. I might be the exception to the rule because I am definitely a party planner “wannabee”. It can be a let down for the host and guests if maybe you didn’t take the right steps to set up your special event ahead of time so I thought I would share a few party planning success tips!

The key to successful party planning comes down to one simple step… and that is organization. If you have your to-do list in order and tasks are dealt with one-by-one then everything should be just fine!

I love hosting parties at my house, but that doesn’t always fit the needs of my event. Sometimes the guest list is just too long and hosting at my house really maxes out at 15 guests comfortably. When you think about your event, first think about the number of guests you will invite and what will be the most comfortable for them throughout the event. Choosing a venue that fits all of your event needs is definitely on the top of your to-do list.

Starting with your guest list and venue is absolutely a pivotal aspect of party planning because it has the capacity to dictate the entire mood and vibe of the party. The first thing on anybody’s list when planning any party should be where they are going to host the occasion.

Location, Location, Location

When choosing the venue also keep in mind the location of the party and the distance your guests will have to travel to attend your party. The venue should be convenient to all guests because no matter how good the party may sound if it takes a plane, train, and automobile to get there, guests may opt-out.


Once you have determined a convenient location for your guests the next step is to think about the features and facilities that are included with your venue. This can vary greatly from venue to venue, nevertheless, it is important to find out what is included with your venue rental. Some venues may require a deposit or they are restrictive on the vendors you can use. Although it is becoming a lot more popular now for venues to provide everything from the food, bar, staff. etc.

Venue Budget

The final thing that obviously needs to be thought about is the price of the venue. Before you start the venue hunt it’s a good idea to know what your budget is so you can quickly eliminate any venues outside of your price range.

Bonus Event Tips

“Treat Tables” have become very popular, such as tables containing an assortment of pretzels, like these wheelhouse pretzels. The donut wall trend is also something that appears to be here to stay for fun party elements.  You might even consider adding a candy board like this one below to your next event.

Are you still struggling with your New Year’s resolution to stay in shape? Try hosting a party with a fun workout activity included at your next event.

Ok ok…maybe a fitness event isn’t really your speed…. have you thought about hosting a fun shopping event for your girlfriends?

Try contacting a local boutique in your city for a private after-hours party. I’ve hosted a few events like this and they were a blast, not to mention you get you to do a little shopping while you are sipping on champagne!

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