3 Ways to “Renovate” Your Home with Natural Light

As a new home buyer, the last thing I have on my mind is a major renovation. But I know down the road I will want to change things up a little. Maybe change the home design starting with new decor or even changing the furniture out.

When people renovate their homes, the reasons vary. Maybe we want to increase the lived-in space, or add new functionality, or change the design of our home by knocking through a wall to create an open-plan space. This renovation might include the daunting task of new construction, like adding on an addition or even a two-story wing to the house to provide a beautiful new space and features to a new bedroom or home office.

We have many different tools, methods, and design solutions that can lead us to our best results… and that doesn’t always mean construction. I think it’s important to note that when we renovate our homes, the most complex and taxing solution is not always the best or most effective. Simple updates, such as increasing the natural light in a particular room, can completely change its identity for the better. In the long run this minor update can grant you a much more worthwhile home space and save you the headache of a major renovation.

Keeping this in mind, here are a few recommendations on updates to your home to consider before diving into a renovation:

Room Orientation

The orientation in which you arrange your furniture and home decor can influence the best outcome. Natural light might be hidden if you have large shelves nearby the window, or if the focal point of a room doesn’t make use of the natural light. It’s impossible to move the sun or our orbit around it, but we can shift a few furniture pieces for maximum coverage throughout the day.

Window Cleaning & Replacement

This is a simple solution – window cleaning or the replacement of old windows can make all the difference to your natural lighting in your home. I’ve added window cleaning to my to-do list every Spring. This will help you ensure all-natural light coming into your room is maximized, and not limited by bad window design or damage.

Renewal by Andersen offers a large selection of potential design options, granting you the most worthwhile window design. If you are looking for a California bungalow update or a more modern look to sustain the natural minimalism of the home, there are many window options available to fit your needs.

Privacy & Expanding Natural Light

Of course, natural lighting during the day is wonderful but during the summer months or even privacy at night, you will need to come up with a stylish solution. For instance, worthwhile blinds, preferably wooden, can enable your downstairs bathroom to gain a good amount of privacy while also allowing light in during the daytime. The same goes for soft curtains or thin darker curtains for ground floor apartments or the bottom of your home.

Additionally, the careful placing of a full-body mirror can serve as a great means of reflecting the natural light in a room. This helps the space reflect its natural beauty in the best manner possible.

With these three natural lighting tips, I hope you can find new ways to introduce natural light in your home, as the hidden secret of great home renovation!

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