5 Dishes That Bring The Taste Of Mexico To You

Spending more time at home means that you may find yourself exhausted just trying to keep up with new weekly recipes. Now is a great time to experiment with different dishes and foods that expand your tastebuds. For food lovers out there, Mexican dishes offer a great pallet of tastes, spices, and fairly easy to cook meals that can be made at home.

Here are 5 of the top Mexican dishes that you absolutely must try. The great thing with these dishes is that many of them use the food you probably have in and around your kitchen. Minced beef, tomatoes, chicken, kidney beans, and yogurt are all ingredients that are featured in these dishes. And unless you plan on making your own tortillas, which comes recommended to you more adventurous folks, a large pack of tortillas can cover multiple dishes.

Don’t forget your salsa! Make your own, or find it in the shop of your choice.

#1 Beef Burritos

Made with minced beef and either pre-bought or homemade tortilla wraps to hold it all together. The humble burrito is the quintessential Mexican dish. Served with yogurt, cheese, and herbs to your liking, the burrito is an excellent dish to start your Mexican taste journey. For a more guilt-free option make sure to use lean cuts of beef for your mince and drain any fat before serving. I love this Guacamole Beef Burrito recipe by Also The Crumbs Please.

Also The Crumbs Please

#2 Texas Quesadillas

If you want something fairly quick and easy and can be made with whatever fillings you want, then the quesadilla is perfect for you. A small folded tortilla filled with chicken and a herby yogurt sauce, you can technically fill this snack with whatever you want! Try out this recipe that has a little Texas twist from House of Yumm.

House of Yumm

#3 Chilli Con Carne

Hot spicy food for a cold day. Chilli con Carne is seen across the world with spice lovers building it up to their own favorite levels of spicy heat. Add just the right amount of heat with chilli peppers. It is a fairly simple recipe that utilizes chillis, ground beef, beans, and tomatoes with a little added kick from your own personal spice rack, this dish will keep you warm through the coldest of winters.

#4 Enchiladas

While enchiladas take slightly longer to cook than some recipes on this list, the enchilada is well worth the wait. Made with chicken, tortilla wraps, smothered in cheese and baked in the oven, enchiladas make for a great family feast. You can also make a somewhat healthier option as well by using low-fat cheese and by trimming the fat of the chicken before cooking.

Lil’ Luna

#5 Nachos

Nachos are a great snack for any occasion. Whether you’re watching a late-night movie, having friends over for a meal, or just hosting the neighborhood barbeque, nachos are always a great way to feed a lot of people and at a lower cost. Try out this delicious keto nachos recipe!

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    Oh, Darling!! Excellent article, I love food and Mexican food its amazing so after of this, I can’t wait to start with these dishes… Very nice pictures also.

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