8 Inspirational Ideas for Styling Your Valentine’s Day Bar Cart

Growing Up Texas

Style your bar cart for you next Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day party, with these eight helpful and inspirational ideas!

1. A striped table runner in spring colors can easily be repurposed for a bar cart. It adds a bit of texture and color.

2. Heart and Pompom Garlands make great layering pieces to add to the front of the bar cart.

3. Flowers brighten any space. Carnations and hydrangeas are lower cost flowers that can provide a pop of color to any bar cart!

4. Conversation Hershey Kisses and Dove Chocolates are the perfect sweet treats to add to your bar cart and they provide another pop of color that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Place candy in a heart shaped candy dish.

5. Hollywood Letter Lights, such as the “XO” featured on my bar cart draws attention and elevates the overall Valentine’s Day theme. Wooden white-washed letters would also make a great substitution.

Growing Up Texas

6. Freeze carnations inside ice cubes and use as the top layer of ice in your champagne ice bucket. I found the State of Texas in the shape of ice cubes with a heart in the center at HEB. They made the perfect added touch to my Valentine’s Day bar cart styling.

7. Colorful Balloons with a touch of greenery proved the perfect backdrop for your bar cart. Pink metallic fringe curtains would also make a gorgeous and simple backdrop.

8. The final details to add to your bar cart are: coupe and flute champagne glasses, decorative straws, and paper heart doylies.

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