I Asked My Instagram Audience to Plan My Spring Photo Shoot…

I asked my Instagram audience to help me style my Spring photo shoot and it was a lot of fun!

Growing Up Texas
Shelby Tsika Photography

I asked my Instagram audience to pick the location: in a Studio or Downtown. Next, I asked them to pick the outfit: Casual or Elegant. I added a additional challenge to the outfit question by telling myself I had to not only choose a outfit based on what my audience selected, but it had to already be in my closet! And finally I asked my audience to choose the prop: Flowers or Books.

The photo shoot location my audience ultimately selected was Downtown. The outfit they selected was casual and to use flowers as my prop. I decided to keep the studio as a backup location, because in Texas you just never know what the weather will be, especially in February. Luckily the weather was a beautiful and a bright Spring day so we were able to keep the Downtown location for the photo shoot. The outfit I kept casual, but with a slight floral twist. I was short on time and decided that the floral skirt incorporated the element that my flower bouquet prop would have provided.

Here is the final Spring photo shoot my Instagram audience helped me style!

Shop this Spring photo shoot style inspiration and get a similar look for your closet!

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