The Happy Hostess and The Gracious Guest™

With the celebration of five years of writing about my experiences hosting and planning parties on, comes the announcement of an exciting new chapter! Well actually an announcement of many chapters… in my book, The Happy Hostess and The Gracious Guest™.

To say this next chapter is exciting is an understatement. I set a goal of writing and publishing a book when I also started my writing career. Over the last five years, I have continued to lean in on my strengths of hosting and entertaining, which has resulted in crafting the perfect collection of my experiences of party planning, hosting events and entertaining guests to share with you in a book.

Written from the perspective of both the hostess and the guest, The Happy Hostess and The Gracious Guest™ is a southern hospitality guide to help answer the questions you think about the most when hosting or attending a gathering. Questions like, what should I bring to a dinner party? Or how do I prepare enough food for my guests?

Cheers to the next chapter, check back soon for pre-order and release date details for The Happy Hostess and The Gracious Guest™!

Growing Up Texas

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