DIY Hydrangea and Lemon Spring Floral Arrangement

Growing Up Texas

Wow your guests at Easter dinner or at your next dinner party, with this simple DIY Hydrangea and Lemon Spring inspired floral arrangement. It looks complicated, but I’m here to tell you it is simple and worth the efforts.

To recreate this beautiful arrangement, start by selecting two or three flowers. I selected two flowers that looked like Spring and that I thought would pair nicely with the yellow lemons. The first flower is my go to because it is low cost, fills a vase and is a representation of my Southern design style, the Hydrangea. Next, I selected a flower called Barrisca, a type of flowering cabbage. The Barrisca often symbolizes birth and the beautiful purple and green colors pair nicely with the yellow lemons. Both of these flowers enhance my current décor theme of Easter and Spring in my dining room.

Growing Up Texas

For this arrangement you will need two vases that can nest inside of each other. The interior vase should be slightly taller and smaller in circumference, providing about a quarter of an inch of space all the way around the interior of the exterior vase. You will want to leave plenty of space between the two vases, so that you can easily slide your lemon slices between the two vases, creating the illusion of floating lemons.

After you have selected your two vases and flowers, thinly slice three to four lemons depending on the size of your vases. To assemble the arrangement follow these four easy steps:

  1. Nest the vases (empty, no water)
  2. Place your lemon slices between the newly created interior wall of the vases. (Note: do not force the lemons between the two glass vases, they should easily slide into place. If you need additional space after slicing your lemons, consider substituting the interior vase out for a smaller vase.)
  3. Fill both vase sections with water.
  4. Trim the ends of your floral stems and place them into the interior vase.

Lemon Tip: the water will turn yellow after a day, so you may want to create this arrangement the day of your dinner party or event to ensure that the arrangement stays fresh.

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