How to Take Pictures in the Texas Bluebonnets

Growing Up Texas

Spring time is one of my favorite times of year in Texas because of the beautiful wildflowers that grow along every roadside and in every pasture. Bluebonnets are the official state flower of Texas and taking photos in the Bluebonnets is a tradition that many Texans enjoy every year.

Texas Bluebonnet season typically starts in late February or March and will last for approximately six weeks to mid to late April. If you are new to Texas, or maybe just visiting, here are some Bluebonnet photo taking tips for your to consider while snapping a few pics.

  • Find a safe place to take photos and avoid road sides and highways
  • Pick a photo location with higher ground such as a porch with blue bonnets in the foreground, similar to the images in this article.
  • Bring a tripod so the whole family can join in the photo.
  • Take your photos after sunrise or right before sunset to avoid the bright Texas sun.
  • Double check the background of your photos to avoid any other people or objects you might not want in your photos.
  • Apply the same principles as “Don’t squat with your spurs on”… watch for snakes and don’t accidently sit on a live one!
  • Plan an entire photoshoot for your pup like we did for ours!

Here are a few Bluebonnet “Don’ts”:

  • We love our Bluebonnets and want to enjoy them throughout the short season, please be courteous and don’t walk on the Bluebonnets.
  • Although the Bluebonnets are beautiful, please don’t pick them.

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