3 Ways to Decorate with Citrus this Christmas

The holiday season can be on the warmer side in Texas, which allows for the extension of outdoor entertaining in the months of November and December. Keeping our traditionally warmer weather in mind, I created an outdoor holiday brunch tablescape as a inspiration for your next family gathering.

This year’s Holiday Brunch theme is “Classic Christmas Citrus.” One of my favorite low cost decorating secrets is incorporating live greenery, citrus, and fresh herbs that not only bring the seasonal aromas to the table, but also an element of life to brighten the overall tablescape design. Pinecones mixed into the tablescape adds a natural element and ties together the entire outdoor theme.

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Tablescape Design Tips

Decorating for the holidays can seem overwhelming or sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. When I approach a tablescape design, I think of everything in terms of layers and textures. Starting with the garland table runner, featured in my Classic Christmas Citrus tablescape design, it is a great example of my layering and texture technique.

The base of the garland is a mixture of pine and cedar that I purchased online from Sam’s Club. The garland was a total of twenty-five feet long and not only provided an excellent base layer for my table runner, but there was enough leftover to create a second garland to hang over the outdoor fireplace. Next, I used fresh eucalyptus and rosemary sprigs to add texture to the garland and bring in more of the traditional holiday scents.

Growing Up Texas

3 Ways to Decorate with Citrus

Saving my favorite design element for last, the dehydrated oranges and grapefruit, delicately tied on with jute twine, adds a layer of color to the overall tablescape design. The pop of yellow, orange, and pink from the dried fruit brings in another natural element and pairs nicely with a classic traditional design.

In addition to using the citrus in your outdoor garland, consider bringing that same element inside and surprise your guests with gifts garnished with dried fruit and sprigs of rosemary, secured with jute twine. Bringing the citrus elements back inside will tie the theme of the outdoor tablescape design into the overall holiday gathering theme.

The final way to incorporate dried fruit into your citrus themed gathering is to use them as Christmas ornaments on the tree or at your bar to garnish the side of your favorite festive cocktail. Dried citrus can also be used to create simmer pot recipes and make excellent gift items to have on hand during the season of giving.

Growing Up Texas

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