5 Holiday Hosting Tips for Overnight Guests

‘Tis the holiday hosting season! As families prepare to travel to their holiday gatherings, now is the time to start preparing your home for welcoming guests.

Hosting overnight guests during the holidays doesn’t need to be stressful. A few simple hosting tips will help you to create a inviting home and make your guests feel welcome during the holiday season.

Sparkling Clean

Two of the most common questions for a house guest to ask are “Where is the bathroom?” or “Where is the trash can?”

Take a walk around the house in the common gathering areas, such as the kitchen and in the guest room(s). Start by decluttering and cleaning the common areas, guest rooms, and bathrooms. From a quick vacuum to light dusting, it’s important to prepare each space before your guests arrive. Empty waste baskets in each room and check them regularly throughout your guest’s stay.

Pro tip: If you’re overwhelmed and busy preparing for your guests to arrive, consider hiring a professional maid service to ensure your home is in top condition for your guests.


Before your guests arrive, opening the blinds to let natural light into the room will make your guests feel welcome.

To ensure your guests are not left in the dark, provide bed side lamps, reading light, and consider motion censored night lights so your guests can find their way in the dark. Place a night light in the guest room, in the hallway leading to the guest bathroom and inside the guest bathroom.


Providing your guests with a extra charging station for their phone or devises is another way to put guests at ease if they have maybe left their charger at home. In a small frame on a desk or side table in your guest room, display the wifi username and password so guests can connect at anytime during their stay.

On the Surface

Take the guess work out of the equation by placing items your guests might need on surfaces. A Welcome Basket is a unique way to display items such as a extra toothbrush or toothpaste, shampoo, and deodorant. Think through the most common items you forget when traveling and this will help you to curate your basket. Offering guests bottles of water, small snacks, and even their favorite magazine or book is another way to create a welcoming environment.

Depending on the length of your guests stay, you will want to provide two to three towels per guest. Check the towels daily and have a extra set in a linen closet ready to use should your guest need an additional towel. Add fresh linens, extra pillows, and blankets to each guest room before your guests arrive.

Install a fresh roll of toilet paper before your guests arrive and fully stock a basket or shelf with toilet paper within reach. Fully stocked tissues, hand soap, and lotion by the sink with a clean hand towel is also a important detail while hosting guests in your home.


Adding fresh flowers in the guest room and bathroom(s) is another way to freshen each space and create a welcoming environment. Each arrangement can be small, but the color and aroma will bring joy to your guests.

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