Kitchen Design Inspiration By True Residential Luxury Refrigerators Take On A Cinematic Theme

True Residential’s Joining Kits: The Ultimate Superhero Team of Appliances

Iron Man, who? Move aside because True Residential’s Joining Kits are here to save the day. These kits bring together various appliances for one common goal – to rescue your kitchen from the chaos of entertaining. With two refrigerators, two wine columns, and bottom freezers, these kits are perfect for hosting a successful soiree. Seamlessly group your appliances, and they will become a force to be reckoned with – just like the Avengers.

True Residential’s Joining Kits can bring order and balance to your kitchen. The kit includes a glass door 30” Refrigerator and 30” Beverage Center, both offset by a solid 30” Refrigerator in the middle. This creates a striking grouping where the solid refrigerator serves as the Jedi Master with loyal droids on each side. With these kits, you can easily put together an intergalactic feast or a living room picnic with easy-to-see delicacies and libations to choose from.

True Residential’s Joining Kits: The Perfect Recipe for Kitchen Adventures

While True Residential’s units are not criminal masterminds, they do feature some irresistible appliance groupings that can lead to cunning kitchen heists. There’s just something about those tucked-away culinary treasures that we can’t resist. So why not embrace the adventure and turn your kitchen into a blockbuster set with True Residential’s Joining Kits?

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