‘A Wayfinder’s Journey’ Now Setting Sail At The Four Seasons Resort Maui

The new luxury travel experience, ‘A Wayfinder’s Journey,’ offered by the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea is a unique and immersive excursion that takes guests on a three-hour sailing ocean adventure under the stars. It is hosted by Kala Baybayan Tanaka, a Hawaiian navigator who shares her knowledge and expertise about Hawaii’s heritage, traditions, and respect for its waterways. Through this experience, guests will not only get to taste a multi-course meal inspired by native canoe but also learn about Tanaka’s Polynesian ancestors who navigated the open ocean roads using only the stars, swells, and other natural elements in wa?a kaulua.

Here are some additional details about the ‘A Wayfinder’s Journey’ experience:

  • The excursion takes place on a private luxury Trilogy catamaran, which is a spacious and comfortable vessel that can accommodate up to six guests.
  • The journey showcases the beauty and serenity of Maui’s coastline and offers breathtaking views of the starry night sky.
  • The multi-course tasting menu features dishes made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients and is inspired by the traditional foods of Hawaii.
  • Tanaka’s expertise and storytelling make the experience not only informative but also engaging and entertaining.
  • Guests can reserve the experience directly through the resort’s Concierge team via email at concierge.maui@fourseasons.com.

Overall, ‘A Wayfinder’s Journey’ is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines luxury, history, and culture to provide guests with an unforgettable adventure in Hawaii.

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