Tips for Decorating Your New Home

Moving into a new home is exciting, it’s starting a new chapter in your life, at least it was for me. With managing a moving budget and keeping up with the costs of the move it can also be overwhelming when it comes to decorating.

It’s a balancing act to make your space attain the best looks while also reflecting a sense of your own style. The right decoration will result in a comfortable and happy home. While maybe a sparsely decorated home will lead to color-clashing decor or a furniture stuffed kind of house. With a little planning, you can decorate your home to reflect your style to your guests.

Tips for Decorating your New Home

Prioritize, Evaluate and Organize

When you’re moving from an old house to a new one, you don’t necessarily have to carry everything with you. I take time packing and determine exactly what I won’t need or want anymore. Packing is a great time to Prioritize a few old things that you treasure or need in your next phase of life.

Evaluate what you are planning to move into the new home to make sure it will serve a purpose in your new space. If you know it won’t be functional in the new home, consider making a donation to a local charity or even a garage sale for extra cash. Organize what you’re keeping to make sure they’ll have space in your new house and the exact location where they’ll occupy. 

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Lay the groundwork

Start in the rooms you need to furnish armed with a measuring tape and a notebook. Take all the measurements of the rooms to create a floorplan for your house. It’s always a good itea to be armed with measurements and your house floorplan with you before you go shopping for furniture.

Going furniture shopping first may lead to poor selections. It’s ok to live in the house for a little bit before rushing out to buy furniture…and your budget may agree too. What you don’t want to do is go shopping in a panic just because you have an empty house. The measurements will be key in the process and prevent you from buying the wrong sizes of furniture and other decorations.

Decide how you want to decorate

Deciding how you want to decorate entirely depends on the owner of the home. There are many factors to consider before you decorate such as the size of the space, the number of people who will live there. A home may be decorated differently to accommodate children or even elderly parents. The decoration of a home, especially for a person who regularly hosts huge dinner parties, should be different from home for someone who usually eats out at restaurants.

Consider how you will use each room after you have taken the measurements and what the function is of each space – this will help you narrow down your search for furniture and home decor.


Moving into a new home doesn’t necessarily mean you have to acquire all new furniture and decor. You can choose to upgrade the items you already have with modern, stylish components or paints. Design the interiors of your old dresser drawers with elegant wallpapers, install new decorative knobs to your old kitchen cabinet and decorate the dull walls with a fresh coat of paint and home mirrors. Upgrading several old items can make your new home look uniquely stylish.

One could easily be trapped into thinking only about your furniture items and the more obvious choices, but thinking about finesse upgrades like heated towel racks or new bathroom features can go a long way to helping you create the look and feel you’re after. This isn’t only true for the bathrooms; kitchens are an amazing place to look for areas to upgrade too. You’ll likely need to consult a plumbing service for some of this work, but the key is to look far and wide for areas to improve.

Consider doing upgrades to the cooling system in your new home as well, if you think it is needed. When you do an AC repair you could potentially save yourself a lot of money on energy. When this system is old or in need of repairs, it naturally has to guzzle more energy to get the job done. By making sure it is in tip top shape, you are securing the comfort of your home and saving on energy at the same time.


Nothing changes the atmosphere and mood of a room, like the lighting. Adding some different levels of brightness gives your home an ambient atmosphere. Install various lamps at different corners, so you don’t always have to feel like you’re still under a spotlight from the ceiling lighting.

Pick a scent

Choose a soft subtle fragrance for your house. The smell should always welcome you into the home and not overpower you or your guests. A pleasant scent can help to relax you when your mind is full of all the things you need to get done or maybe a hard day at the office.

I believe that home decoration is a vital activity in any home. Far from beauty and aesthetic purposes, your home can affect the mood and behavior of the occupants. Your home should be a retreat and a safe space for you, your family and your guests. Home decoration really is one of the best ways to make your house a home.

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