How to Plan and Host a Afternoon Tea Party

With Netflix series like Bridgerton playing on repeat and the Kentucky Derby days behind us, there is a renewed sense of entertaining around the classic and elegant theme of a Afternoon Tea party.

If you are looking for an excuse to throw a leisurely party, a Afternoon Tea party is the perfect theme to celebrate friendship and gathering again. In this article, learn how to plan and host a afternoon tea party at your home with inspiration from the Stella Hotel Afternoon Tea Party, a event designed and managed by the Satterfield Group.

Growing Up Texas

Party Planning 101

Keep your party planning simple by creating and managing four important lists:

  1. To Do List – write down everything that needs to happen before your guests arrive, from setting the table to what décor you will use.
  2. Guest List – based on the size of your entertaining space, determine how many guests can comfortable fit into your home and who you would like to invite over.
  3. Shopping List – once you have determined your Tea Party menu, create a full shopping list.
  4. Itinerary (also known as Run of Show) – work backwards from the time guests leave and estimate your start time. Include arrival time, food service and plenty of time for mingling and conversations.

Define Your Party Elements

When hosting a elegant tea party, the highlight of the event is the tea cup. Consider purchasing antique tea cups for guests to use and then take home as a gifts. Or ask guests to bring their favorite tea cup to the party and share their story behind their favorite tea cup.

Defining your menu at your tea party is another element that should be high on your to do list. Petit fours, Caprese salad skewers, scones, and cucumber sandwiches are excellent menu choices to serve at your afternoon tea party. If you want to really make things special, why not hire an event catering company to help you? 

Tea Party Activities

Pop-up shops are a party planning activity trend and it’s here to stay! In a larger event space, invite local and unique pop-up boutiques such as make your own hat bar, a mobile boutique or a local calligrapher to create special keepsakes for your guests. After enjoying a “spot of tea”, guests will have activities to enjoy throughout the tea party.

For more party planning tips and advice read my article on How to Plan a Successful Dinner Party.

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