The Dinner Party Detail Every Guest Will Love

Decorating for a dinner party is almost as fun as hosting in my opinion. I always try to incorporate elements that I know will wow my guests. I also like to create an entire evening centered around a particular theme, holiday or items my guests enjoy.

My favorite detail, that always gets a lot of attention, is the easiest and most simple element you could add to a dinner party… that is my ice mold for chilling wine or champagne. My guests always ask, “where did you get that?” or “that’s so cool.”

Growing Up Texas

Not only is a ice mold perfect for chilling your wine or champagne, the look can constantly change based on what items you freeze inside the mold. For example, the ice mold allows you to freeze everything from fresh to faux flowers or even citrus such as oranges and lemon slices. It is easy to change the entire look of the ice mold to fit the theme of my dinner party.

The ice mold I purchased online looks a lot like the mold in the picture below. If you want to purchase a ice mold for your next gathering, click HERE!

Growing Up Texas

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